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Let Us Nominate Dr Paul Williams for British Prime Minister

posted onJanuary 20, 2019
Dr Pail Williams

By Tony Geoffrey Owana

Although he has described President Yoweri Museveni as a barrier to development and ordered him to quit, even naming the politicians he prefers to rule us, British MP Dr. Paul Williams is not a demon.

He and his “long-time partner (not wife) Vicky Holt” risked into Uganda in 2006 and became a blessing to the Bwindi Community whoseriously lacked medical services. They found malaria killing one child per week but reduced the toll to one child per year. Evidence is
on internet.


The annual national toll of 70,000 to 100,000 malaria fatalities therefore came from other parts of Uganda.  After a decade here, Williams is in a good position to advise Ugandans on who should and who should not lead them.

At first he wanted Colonel Dr. Kizza Besigye to rule us. In June 2018 he arranged for Besigye to travel to London to meet some British MPs to discuss why Museveni is still in charge of their former colony.

Less than a year after this initiative, Hon Williams seems to have lost hope in Dr. Besigye’s DEFIANCE campaign in favour of Hon WineKyagulanyi’s PEOPLE POWER. He has arranged for the young MP what he arranged for Uganda’s ageing opposition standard-bearer, which is a resounding slap in Besigye’s face. There are many Ugandans who will bless Hon Williams for ditching Dr. Besigye in favour of Hon Wine and for loudly praying for Musevei’s demise.

Is the British Parliament going to hold a session on democracy in Uganda or some British MPs have invited their Ugandan brethren todiscuss Yoweri Museveni over tea?

Hon Williams is no hypocrite when it comes to openly saying what he thinks to be correct. In October last year he vehemently supported Abortion for Northern Ireland although he does not hail from there. In the same month he defended homosexual marriage, although he is not known to be a homosexual. These prove that he fights strongly for the rights of others.

But wait a bit! The current British Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn has been the Islington North MP for 33 years. Born in 1949, he was first elected to the House in 1983. To lead Labour, Corbyn defeated three candidates by an overwhelming landslide.

But Hon Williams’ Labour Party boss is not the champion. Labour has Hon Denis Skinner who was first elected MP in 1970 and is now in his fifth decade in the House. The other is Conservative Party’s Hon Kenneth Clarke who was also first elected in 1970.

But the unbeatable British JAJJA is Hon Charles Pelham Villiers. He was elected in 1835 and remained an MP continuously for over 60 years until his death in 1898, aged 96. Clearly, our mighty, democratic colonial master Great Britain has neither TERM nor AGE limits…

Like Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, Museveni has led for 33 years.
Strangely, Corbyn’s 33 years have not made him a barrier to development, as far as Hon Williams can see, lending weight to the belief that value is not in LENGTH or DURATION but in DELIVERY.

If or when Hon Wine meets Hon Williams and company, he might test the waters by advising Labour leader Corbyn to quit so that Islington North Constituency and the Labour Party elect those he defeated. In fact Hon Wine should nominate the Hon Dr. Paul Williams for British
premier to show Uganda’s appreciation for the great job he did for
Uganda in Bwindi!


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