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Politics: Red Week Strategy Is Kindergarten Thinking

posted onDecember 14, 2017
 Michael Woira. Courtesy Photo.

By Michael Woira  

It's no secret that I am not an opposition supporter or sympathizer, I admire the leadership of some opposition likeminded people who always think beyond this kindergarten kind of politics being practiced by some of our great opposition leaders in Uganda who use nasty strategies to make sure that they gain sympathy from people after they are being put in order by security forces because of their ugly undemocratic acts, this current 2017 version of the opposition is just a mess because it has no respect for policies and rule of law.
It seems most of the current opposition leadership is rotten to the core and they have let our nation down. They have let Uganda and people who believe in the opposition down.

A short while ago, I have been always engaging some friends of mine who are members of these opposition parties. I have always been asking them directly what their political strategy is for the future. Sadly, I normally get deceitful strategies from them, but their failure to have nice achievable strategies is somewhat expected because they are such disorganized that the most powerful opposition parties that we have in the country all have two sects, Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has the  Gen. Mugisha Muntu sect and the Defiance sect of Dr. Kizza Besigye, Democratic Party has the Norbert Mao sect and then the Betty Nambooze sect that seems to be very talkative with less value to the party and then UPC which has also got different sects and this proves how they cannot come up with fine achievable strategies.
Uganda may as much desperately need political change, we are potentially a great and wonderful country, but this opposition is beginning to increase its pace, eroding much of the good work that has been done, destroying so much of what we have already achieved as a nation by coming up with unproductive campaigns that aim at destroying property and unlawfully mobilizing people to participate in unlawful acts of their so- called “Red week”.

So, I look around me at all of the alternative political options for our nation, the pickings, if any, are very slim but at many times I frankly make a conclusion that its only and only NRM that can govern and lead this country democratically. One would think that with all the so-called intelligence and "brain power" that some leaders in the opposition parties have, would be used to plan and implement their political strategies that are fine and democratic but nothing of the kind has happened here, all the policies and campaigns that they come up with are a flop because they don’t serve an importance to a local Ugandan who believes in peace.

Instead what I find is the same old strategy-less political attacks and unlawful acts of disorganizing peaceful Ugandans through their unending strikes and rallies. The NRM will continue to be an emotionally supported party by the majority of Ugandans who will be continually reminded of how they were saved from the other bad regimes that never cared about the ordinary Ugandans, the insecurity that used to be in the country and many more. The opposition strategy needs to be more than just the same old rhetoric by the FDC, there are many more ways of sensitizing and building party structures than use of noise and chaos.

The NRM has its strong well founded structures from the grassroots and this makes it and will continue making it a very strong party contrary to what the opposition thinks that its vote rigging that makes it win elections. I remember one of the big campaigns that opposition has had. It was codenamed, "Walk to Work". I really saw a very good flop because it wasn’t capturing people’s attention when it was started in 2011 and recently in September Dr. Besigye again called a press briefing at his Katonga Road offices and told media that it was starting but it seriously flopped because no one was interested apart from himself. That keeps me wondering whether that is the best opposition has got.

Now, this week,  it’s another ugly campaign that has been called by the opposition starting on Monday, according to them (Norbert Mao, Asuman Basalilwa and Patrick Amuriat the new FDC president), they have mobilized people to put on red clothes, wear red ribbons, walk to parliament and many other acts of that kind to follow, I personally call this idle talk because it is not what I think such brains can plan, others I don’t care because I doubt their soberness but an intellectual like Mao was also among the strategists!! Uganda is really Gold as its normally said that (Uganda zaabu) because I couldn’t believe it seeing Mao seated with the other political failures (though him inclusive) declaring such.

It's time that the collective brain power got together and started working on new, intelligent strategies to win the hearts and minds of the people than those useless campaigns the opposition is formulating.

The Writer is a patriotic Ugandan


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