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An optimist’s views on West Africa’s Military coups: Corruption the great atrocity by Africans against Africans

posted onSeptember 6, 2023

By Andrew Besi 
Not many Ugandans I have interacted with know of William Winwood Reade’s collection of aphorisms published in 1872 as The Martyrdom of Man. This one book perhaps influenced Cecil J. Rhodes more than any other. 

One  of its most relevant suppositions is: “Trade is the great engine of progress, empire is a necessary condition of trade, egalitarianism and liberal national sympathies a waste of time.”   

An optimist’s views on West Africa’s Military coups and why they worsen an already bad situation for West Africa and Africa (Part I)

posted onSeptember 1, 2023

By Andrew Besi
Nearly 24 months ago, on 5th September 2021, news reached us that Prof. Alpha Conde of Guinea had been overthrown by his Special Forces Commanders led by Col. Mamady Doumbouya. This coup was the second one in West Africa following the August 2020 coup in Mali. 

Many are following the happenings in West Africa, where so far, 8 military coups have taken place in less than 3 years. All these coups have been in former French colonies. 

Museveni and Mbabazi - bouncing back from Illness.

posted onJune 14, 2023

My grandfather used to say: Baana'bangye kuribushesheera ehi butashesheera, am'manzi namafuura garyahemuuka! (On that day when the sun shines where it is not supposed to,  Kings and their Generals will fall short! ) 

It feels (or is it fills?!)  me with great pride that in these often uncertain times,  many of us can still spare time to pray and commensurate with our beloved Mzee Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Museveni mwene Kaguta owa' Basiita ba Mpororo as he gallantly, assuredly and confidently battles the Covid19 disease. That he will emerge triumphant is not in doubt.