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Security is the Business of Citizens as it is of Government

posted onJune 28, 2018

By Dennis Katungi

What is Government in the first place? The people, in an organized set-up.

In the stranger’s gallery at Parliament, I listened to the President intently.  Having given context to Uganda’s past, the journey thus travelled and current locus, he concluded with proposed remedial actions to the wave of insecurity recently causing concern to all of us. I’ll pick on a few of his proposals starting with vigilance by citizens. This has no cost implication and we can implement it straight away. It is the critical first line element to security.

Why Greedy Ugandans we Love to Hate Could be the Key to our Future Prosperity

posted onJune 19, 2018

By Andrew M. Mwenda

Recently, I said at the Acode conference on the budget that land grabbing is not necessarily bad (note the use of the word “necessarily”). On the contrary, I said it may suggest pressure towards the transformation of our agriculture from subsistence to commercial farming. A journalist from The Observer wrote a story quoting my comments correctly but failed to provide the explanation behind my thinking. 

My Heroes Are NRA Soldiers

posted onJune 9, 2018

By Dennis Katungi

This year’s Heroes day falls on June 9th 2018 and will be commemorated at Birembo Primary School Grounds, Kakumiro District. The theme is pertinent. ‘Remembering our heroes who kept the faith and fought the fight; the duty is ours to enrich their gains-  Some of us have had the privilege, if I may call it so, of living through Uganda’s dark as well as brighter days.

President Museveni's State of the Nation Address in Full

posted onJune 6, 2018

His Excellency the Vice President,
Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament,
His Lordship the Chief Justice,
Rt. Hon. Deputy Speaker,
His Lordship the Deputy Chief Justice,
Rt. Hon. Prime Minister,
Rt. Hon. Deputy Prime Ministers,
Rt. Hon. Leader of the Opposition,
Their Highnesses the Traditional Leaders,
Hon. Ministers,
Hon. Members of Parliament,
Hon. Members of EALA,
Members of the Diplomatic Corps,
Distinguished Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen.