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Why Bobi Wine is Ignorant, Misguided

posted onOctober 16, 2017

By Andrew Mwenda 

So, Bobi Wine issued a “letter to Young Ugandans” in which he claims that colonialism marked Uganda’s golden age. This is the problem with President Yoweri Museveni’s critics - always ignorant and emotional and their arguments always lack substance in both matter and manner.

Business Investments: We Should Never Fail to Try, Says Museveni

posted onSeptember 18, 2017

By Dennis Katungi

I tuned into the Broadcast by President Museveni on September 13th 2017 beamed from State House Entebbe.  His message and guidance on land and poverty eradication had already been aired in recent media engagements that he’s been on - in the West, South & East of the country.  I have no intention in repeating them.  However, I was impressed by his response to moderator Simon Kasyate’s question on the so called ‘failed investments’.