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Ashworth in Red with Ham Kiggundu inspecting some of Ham's real estate constructions

American Automotive Entrepreneur to Invest in Real Estate, Automotive

by KP
posted onDecember 8, 2020

Ashworth Barnes, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of 713 Motoring, one of the world’s leading custom automotive company based in the United States of America is set to take up investment in real estate development, automotives and Marijuana growing in Uganda.

The custom automotive entrepreneur who is in the country was ushered in by East African Partners (EAP) a company that promotes and markets the region as a viable investment destination. In an interview, Ashworth has revealed that he came into the country to invest in real estate development by setting up affordable housing with the best modern ware.

“I want to come back here and create an atmosphere that is similar to America to give an opportunity to Ugandans to experience a life style through the housing estates that we shall set up,” Ashworth said. Ashworth noted that there are a lot of opportunities in Uganda with a lot of land which favors the establishment of any lucrative investment.

“The land is plentiful, the people are friendly, the commerce and the chains of commerce are quiet similar to those in America, people are passionate about work and they are indeed hardworking and enterprising,” Ashworth noted. He observed that his interaction with big businessmen in the country like Hamis Kiggundu of Ham Enterprises has opened up his eyes to the many opportunities that Uganda and the East African region offer.

“Businessmen can identify with businessmen anywhere in the world, once you speak the same language and once you meet, you can always put up your heads together and come up with an idea that would be lucrative to all parties involved,” Ashworth said.

Ashworth and his wife in Uganda
Ashworth and his wife in Uganda

Ashworth revealed that he will start by acquiring 15 acres of land so as to set up some apartment buildings, affordable housing for Ugandans and agricultural land to cultivate marijuana because the soil is very fertile here.

“Automotive is my expertise, I would want to start with automotives and some commercial real estate and we shall go ahead to explore other business opportunities. I will be setting up a company called AB International which shall stretch to other countries in the region like Kenya, Tannzania and Rwanda,” Ashworth revealed. AB International investments will be used as a hub to encourage other investors in America mainly from Texas to also fall suit and invest with him as a block.

“We shall not only be importing goods from America but will look at the goods that we can export from Uganda to America, there are a lot of goods here that can sell so high in America. Uganda is just a launch pad but will extend the business to other countries in the region,” he noted.

The business tycoon added that, “I came for real estate development but as I was exploring the country, I found so many ideas that I can share with my fellow Americans to bring them back here so that they can experience as well so we can collectively come up with so many investment ventures.”

He observed that he will be setting up AB automotive academy which will operate as a technical institute teaching and training students to learn custom automotive skills like, raping cars, automatic body work, repairs, audio and video wiring of cars, wielding, and painting among others.

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