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Bobi Wine Blocks Gen Kainerugaba on Twitter

Describing Bobi Wine as his “brother” and “past friend”, Gen Kainerugaba said on his Twitter handle that he was ready to hold talks with the singer-cum politician.
posted onApril 8, 2020

Days after the senior presidential adviser for special operations Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, declared that he was open to holding talks with Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, the leader of the People Power has now responded by blocking the General on Twitter. 

A close source to the General who preferred anonymity said that the Kyadondo East MP has blocked the former SFC commander although the military officer didn't retaliate by blocking the singer at all. 

Gen Kainerugaba had said the impetus to meet Bobi Wine had been propelled by a section of his supporters who have asked him to hold talks with the man, who recently declared his intentions to stand against President Yoweri Museveni.

Describing Bobi Wine as his “brother” and “past friend”, Gen Kainerugaba said on his Twitter handle that he was ready to hold talks with the singer-cum politician.

“Many of my supporters are telling me to talk with my brother Bobi Wine. I have no problem talking to him. We have talked in the past and were friends. I just advise all the youth never to seek war over peace,” Gen Kainerugaba said then.

In response to the tweet, Bobi Wine said that he was not interested in talking to the General.

The Kampala Post has now learnt that Bobi Wine's decision to block Gen Kainerugaba was because many people bombarded him questions on Twitter demanding to know why he couldn’t meet General Kainerugaba for talks when the latter indicated his willingness to do so sometime back.

The latest action by Bobi Wine further highlights the fact that opposition figures (including Bobi Wine) keep crying intolerance by the NRM government despite the openness by government officials.

Incidentally, the block button is an important tool that allows women and other vulnerable people to have some semblance of the same Twitter experience that an average man might, free from constant harassment. It is also crucial for other ordinary users but certainly not a political figure.

If you are an active user of the social networking site, you probably have heard about people being blocked by Mr Kyagulanyi. Most of them get blocked after calling him out on several allegations against the government.

But twitter is not about blocking your critics and those you don’t agree with. It is about conversation, not monologue.

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