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Mukula addressing NUP defectors in Butebo

Bobi Wine is Misleading Youths yet his Kids are Safe Aboard, Says Mukula

by KP
posted onJanuary 8, 2021

Capt. Mike Mukula has warned youths against being misled by NUP’s Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine saying he has secured the future of his children at the expense of others.

Bobi Wine on Wednesday flew all his children to Texas, USA in a move which many have opined as a “selfish” and “unpatriotic.” Mukula, NRM vice chairperson for Eastern region who was on Friday campaigning for President Museveni in Kabwangasi Sub county, Butebo District warned young people to be careful not to used by the opposition who are not minding about their interests.

“My young people here you should be careful, do not fall into the trap of the likes of Hon Kyagulanyi. Two days ago you saw him flying his family to USA aboard Qatar Airlines. Now he is talking about plan B. He wants other people’s children to die when his kids are safe in Texas, USA,” Mukula said while officially receiving over 200 NUP youth coordinators who defected to NRM.

Bobi Wine and his opposition counterparts have been mobilizing their supporters for violent demonstrations in case they lose the election. This was witnessed in September chaos where opposition supporters were seen beating up NRM supporters and throwing tires to burn down the city. A political party is not a fashion, it is about ideas and it is only the NRM that has capacity to drive this country and leadership is about experience to govern this country. Uganda will not be a political experiment,” he said.

Mukula in a group photo with some NUP defectors in Butebo
Mukula in a group photo with some NUP defectors in Butebo

He urged Ugandans to go and vote peacefully on 14th January saying “nobody will disturb the peace of this country because the NRM government has built a strong army.” Mukula said that in this new manifesto, the NRM government will focus on fighting youth unemployment, by ensuring that youth are actively involved in incoming generating projects.

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