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Bobi Wine and David lewis Rubongoya

Bobi Wine, Rubongoya Plan Trip to America Next Month

The two plan to meet their so called NUP structures and sympathisers
posted onMay 21, 2021

National Unity Platform party leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and David Rubongoya the Secretary General of the party are set to travel to the United States of America next month, the Kampala Post has learnt.

Information reaching our desk from NUP contacts is that Bobi Wine and Rubongoya will meet their supporters and sympathisers in various cities in the US.

"In the US, they intend to meet the so called NUP chapters in different cities. They also plan to meet certain Congressmen who are said to be supportive of their destructive agenda in the country," a source told this website.

The trip follows their devastating election loss at the hands of President Museveni on January 14.

Bobi Wine has made several trips to the US where has met several groups including LGBT promoters.

Some of his known coordinators include Robert Amsterdam and Jeffrey Smith who have been campaigners of regime change in various African countries.

It should be noted that unlike other Ugandans, Bobi Wine's trips are always quickly coordinated and supported by the US Embassy in Uganda.

Ahead of the January 14 election, Bobi Wine flew his family to the US amid calls by the singer for violence in Uganda. However, attempts by NUP hooligans to distablize the country starting with urban centres were neutralised.

Particularly when Bobi Wine was arrested for conducting mass rallies that aided the rapid spread of the deadly Covid-19, violent protests characterised by illegal roadblocks and looting as well as attacks on NRM supporters.

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