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Lake Albert
The fishermen were killed as they looked for a body of their colleague who was killed Monday. Courtesy photo

Armed DRC Men Kill Seven Ugandan Fishermen On Lake Albert

 One other person was injured in the attack and is now admitted to Hoima Regional Referral Hospital
posted onNovember 18, 2018

By Kampala Post Reporter

HOIMA. At least seven Ugandan Fishermen were on Saturday evening dead by suspected Congolese Militiamen on the Lake Albert near Kaiso Landing site in Buseruka Sub County, Hoima district.

 One other person was injured in the attack and is now admitted to Hoima Regional Referral Hospital.

It is said the Fishermen where attacked and shot by DRC Militiamen as they went to search for the body of one of their colleagues who were cut into pieces and dumped into the Lake by the same group on Monday.

Robert Mujuni, the Representative of the fishermen at Kaiso Landing site told Uganda Radio News network  that the current situation on Lake Albert is worrying and fishermen are now fearing for their dear lives.  

Ibrahim Odongo, a fisherman at Kaiso Landing site who lost an Uncle in the Saturday attack told URN  that life on the lake has become very difficult following the attacks that have left scores of people killed in a period of one week. He calls for immediate government intervention to address the situation on the lake.

On Monday,  the group attacked and cut into pieces five Ugandan fishermen on the lake Albert waters before dumping their bodies in the water. Two people were critically injured during the attack and were rushed to Hoima Hospital where they are currently nursing severe wounds.

 Ugandan Fishermen have lost Billions of Money in the hands of the suspected Congolese armed soldiers who invade the lake Albert waters and confiscate their fishing gear including fishing nets, boats, boat Engines and Hooks among others.

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