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Kaweesi murder suspects
Kaweesi muder suspects in court recently. Courtesy Photo

Kaweesi Murder Case: Missing Suspect Found

We are happy that our father is still alive, though he is still currently detained at SIU at Kireka over unclear charges. We visited him in the cells and he appeared to be in good health. - Ayub Nuriat, the daughter
posted onAugust 10, 2017

By Sakur AbdulSalam

A suspect in the murder of Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP) Andrew Felix Kaweesi, whose whereabouts has not been known for close to three months has been found detained at Kireka Special Investigations Unit (SIU), according to relatives.

On Wednesday, Ayub Nuriat a daughter of Abas Fikiri revealed that her father was found detained at SIU at Kireka, thereby ending their worries about his safety.

“We are happy that our father is still alive, though he is still currently detained at SIU at Kireka over unclear charges. We visited him in the cells and he appeared to be in good health,” the visibly excited Nuriat said.

Police spokesperson, Asan Kasingye, when contacted for a comment said was not aware about Fikiri’s detention. However, he promised that he would verify the information before he could make any comment about it.

“That is news to me, but I will take up the matter with the people concerned because right now I am attending an official meeting for the entire day,” he said.

Nuriat alleged  that some officers at Kireka asked them for money so that they could release their father, since  investigations indicated that he is innocent.

She also revealed that their father’s Fuso lorry truck, which was impounded by police, has since been returned to them, for which they are very grateful.

 Fikiri was arrested on April 4, 2017 together with his wife Sauda Ayub, who is among the 24 suspects battling murder charges at Nakawa Chief Magistrate’s Court.

Kaweesi was murdered on the morning of March, 17, 2017, together with his body guard, Kenneth Erau and driver, Geoffrey Mambewo, few meters away from his home in Kulambiro, Nakawa division.

On Wednesday still, State Attorney, Carol Apiya told court presided over by Grade One Magistrate Noah Ssajjabi that investigation in the case are still going on, prompting him to adjourn the case to August 24 for further mention.

The magistrate also refused to listen to Jibril Kalyango alias Abu Aisha’s pleas that he was forced to sign the charge and caution statement at police without knowing its contents.

“I have no jurisdictions to try your case. You will wait until you are sent to the High Court which has powers to hear your case and raise your concerns,” Ssajjabi said.

Police alleges that Kalyango and Yusuf Siraje Nyanzi alias Jimmy Ssentamu confessed to the murder of Kaweesi in their statements recorded at Police.

Prosecution says that the accused and others still at large on March 17, 2017 conspired to murder Kaweesi, his body guard Erau and driver Mambewo.

It further alleges that the accused also used a gun or any other weapon and robbed Erau a rifle SMG and a pistol.

It continues that the accused rendered support to Bruhan Balyejusa, Jimmy Ogutu and Noordin alias Taata Abudal-razak in executing terrorism.


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