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On run: Journalist Solomon Sserwanja. Courtesy Photo
On run: Journalist Solomon Sserwanja. Courtesy Photo

NBS Journalist Sserwanja Wanted Over Illegal Possession of Govt Drugs

Security operatives raided the journalist’s home in Mukono on Wednesday night and arrested his wife, Vivian Nakaliika Sserwanja.
posted onFebruary 7, 2019

By Fred Kiva

Police are hunting for NBS Journalist Solomon Sserwanja for being in possession of government drugs.

Security operatives raided the journalist’s home in Mukono on Wednesday night and arrested his wife, Vivian Nakaliika Sserwanja.Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, Patrick Onyango told a press conference on Thursday afternoon, that Mrs Sserwanja had been detained to record a statement regarding how government drugs ended up at her home.

Onyango explained that security zeroed on Sserwanja’s home during an operation to arrest three people who were reportedly buying classified drugs.

He identified the three people as Godfrey Badebye, Mohammad Kassim and Rashid Kawesa. The trio later identified by the Human Rights Network for Journalists, to be correspondents of BBC World Service, were “arrested at Makindye in Kampala City, where they were they were meeting a person who was supposed to sell them the said drugs.”

Mrs Sserwanja and Shafiq Kisame were arrested later,the police said.

“Upon arrest and interrogation they revealed that some of the drugs they had bought were hidden at Solomon Sserwanja’s home in Mukono district,” Onyango said

“Our officers went to Sserwanja’s home and secured the scene where suspected drugs were until morning (Thursday) for a search.It was found that Mr Sserwanja was not at home that time,” Onyango added.

He explained that despite the fact that police contacted the journalist to come and help them carryout search he did not appear.This prompted the detectives to search the house in presence of the wife, Vivian Nakalika and other relatives.

“Detectives found 14boxes of Lamefantine tablets,vaccines for Hepatitis B and other drugs labelled with government seals,”Onyango said.

The Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson said,“We are also looking for Mr Sserwanja to help us investigate how government drugs ended up at his home."Police say they are holding the suspects on charges of illegal possession of classified drugs contrary to section 27(2) of the National Drug Authority Cap.206.

However, Next Media; owners of NBSTV have issued a statement stating that together with BBC Africa they had commissioned a three weeks investigation into an alleged sale of Uganda government drugs on the black market.


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