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Kyakaboga PS
Kyakaboga Primary School is not yet open although the term started. Photo by Johnbosco Tugume.

Oil Refinery Affected Residents Demand School Opening as their Children Miss Classes

Godfrey Sserwanja, Hoima district education officer admits that the school did not open because the contractor supplied substandard furniture.
posted onFebruary 11, 2018

By Johnbosco Tugume

Residents who were settled in Kyakaboga, Buseruka Sub County from Kabaale oil refinery area in Hoima district are asking district officials to expedite the completion and open Kyakaboga primary school such that their children can access education.

This comes when the school which was constructed within the settlement area failed to open for a new term, now a week after the term started.

This has left over 300 school going children stuck in their homes without accessing education.

Kampala post reporter has visited the settlement area and observed several children of school going age roaming around.

Julius Omachi, one of the affected residents said that his four children have not yet reported back to school. According to him, there is no clear information regarding weather the school is going to open or not because the term started a week ago.

“I am worried because the term has started but our new school is not opening yet everything is in place,” he said.

Richard Oreb, the Oil Refinery Project Affected Persons Association Chairman said most pupils abandoned school following uncertainty faced by their parents.

“We don’t know what stopped them (district officials) from opening the school this term because we see everything is in place and our children are still at home waiting for a next step,” he said.

Meanwhile, Godfrey Sserwanja, Hoima district education officer admits that the school did not open because the contractor supplied substandard furniture.

Mr. Sserwanja advises parents to tentatively take their children to the neighboring schools as plans to open the school are underway.

According to him, the school will officially open in second term.

“We had hoped to open the school this term but we need to sort out the issue of furniture first. The contractor supplied substandard classroom desk which we need him to sort out first but I advise parents to take their children to neighboring schools,” he said.

The neighboring Buseruka primary school is however located about 4 kilometers away from the settlement area which residents say is unwalkable distance for lower primary pupils.

Government last year resettled 73 families affected by the oil refinery project from Kabaale to Kyakaboga when they opted for resettlement. Out of 73, only 46 got houses and land while the rest only got land.

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