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Gen Kainerugaba Commends Sister-in-Law's Attributes as She Launches 'Goberera'

Gen Kainerugaba who attended the function in his private capacity on Friday was accompanied by his wife Charlotte briefly addressed the gathering, noting that he has known Shartsi for a long time
posted onDecember 21, 2019

By Albert Tibweba

SEMBABULE. The Senior Presidential Advisor for Special Operations Lieutenant General Muhoozi Kainerugaba has described his sister-in-law-- Shartsi Musherure Nayebare Kutesa as a God-loving, dedicated, truthful and honest person who can be trusted.

This was during Ms. Musherure's launch of her personal initiative dubbed 'Goberera' which is a Luganda word for 'follow' or 'follow up' that aims at fostering development projects, ideas, and opportunities by systematically tracking the progress and implementation of various programs in her home district of Sembabule.

Gen Kainerugaba who attended the function in his private capacity on Friday was accompanied by his wife Charlotte briefly addressed the gathering, noting that he has known Shartsi for a long time.

Gen Kainerugaba invited his wife to speak to the people before he made his remarks

"As you know, I am a soldier, I am not a politician but I have known Shartsi for a long time and what I can say about her is that she is a born-again Christian. She loves God so much and when she takes on an assignment, she does it wholeheartedly," Gen Kainerugaba said, adding that, "Shartsi is a truthful person. You can always count on and fourthly, Shartsi is not corrupt."

Ms. Musherure who is also known as Namatovu is a twin sister to Gen Kainerugaba's wife--Charlotte who thanked her husband for sparing time off his busy schedule to attend her twin's function.

"We are so happy to be with you and we are very happy and have high hopes in Goberera and Shartsi together with her team. I also thank my husband for creating time to be here because it is not easy as his office is very demanding," Charlotte said.

The minister of foreign affairs who is also the current MP for Mawogola County North Hon Sam Kutesa thanked the people for turning up in big numbers to support Shartsi but told them that the most important thing is to support the NRM.

"Thank you for coming here to support Shartsi, but you should first support the NRM because without the NRM Shartsi won't be able to do much for you," Hon Kutesa said.

He, however, noted that not only should the people support Shartsi because she is his daughter but because she also has her personal leadership qualities.

 Hon Kutesa also thanked Gen Kainerugaba and the Turkish Ambassador to Uganda, H.E. Fikret Kerem ALP who both attended the function.

"I would like to thank Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba. As he has told you (he is a soldier) and they are not allowed to participate in politics but you can't deny a soldier an opportunity to speak the truth or talking about somebody they know. I want to thank you for coming here," said Hon Kutesa. 

Foreign affairs minister shakes Gen Kainerugaba's hand after encouraging the people of Mawoogola to support his daughter

Sharts, who holds two law degrees, has already started implementing her ideas by following up on government promises and helping the people of Sembabule to find jobs hopes to do much more when she becomes the Member of Parliament for Mawogola County  North.

She noted that working with the Turkish ambassador to Uganda, she has already identified opportunities for the people of Sembabule and Mawogola north in particular.

The function was also attended by the minister of youth and children affairs Nakiwala Kiyingi and other MPs including Simeo Nsubuga and Anifa Kawooya. 


Gen Kainerugaba interacts with the people at the end of the function
MPs receive Gen Kainerugaba and his wife after their arrival


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