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A guide to using Uchaguzi app to learn more about 2021 elections

One of the components of the digital platform is an application, which can be used by both Android- and iOS-powered phone users.
posted onJanuary 10, 2021

To ease how you access information on the 2021 electoral process, the government and its partners recently unveiled Uchaguzi, a digital platform that facilitates 24/7 voter education.

One of the components of the digital platform is an application, which can be used by both Android- and iOS-powered phone users.

Below, I look at some of the key sections of the app that you should exploit to learn most of the things you need to know about this year’s elections.

On the home page, you’ll be welcomed by 7 key features as explained below:

Before we go into the features, at the top of the home page, there’s a counter showing how many days, hours and minutes are left before the voting day.


Below it, the first section you’ll interact with is named Presidential Elections.

Here, you’ll find all the candidates running for presidency and when you click on the picture of a given candidate, you’ll be able to access information about them.

Some of it is on the app and that you can’t find on the app, you’ll be linked out to their websites.

Parliamentary Elections: This features allows you to find out which MPs are running in a given district, constituency and the position they are contesting for.

There are filters to help you easily navigate the system.

How to Vote: This shows the timeline of the electoral process, from when the campaigns began to when the elections will end.

There’s also a section called Voter Locator, which you can use to find information on where you are going to vote from.

You’ll also find all the details of what you need as you head to your polling station.

Quiz: This was developed to test how much you know about the electoral process.

SOPs: Yes, we are still facing the challenge of Covid-19 and you need to observe all the guidelines put in place to prevent its spread.

General Info: Here you’ll find a FAQ section that responds to most of the questions people are always raising about the electoral process.

Updates: This is always updated to let you know about the latest developments on the electoral process.

Get the iOS app here and the Android one here.

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