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Janet Musev

Janet Museveni Rallies Ugandans to Turn to God for Everlasting Solutions

by Max Pat
posted onNovember 1, 2021

The Minister of Education and Sports, First Lady Janet Kataaha Museveni has urged Ugandans to turn to God for urgent solutions.

In this weekly social media dialogue titled “Prayer”, Janet emphasized the power of praying, saying it the ultimate solution to deal with the day to day challenges on earth. Every week, Janet picks up topical issues for discussion with her social media followers to transform and create a good mindset change.

Using her experience as a testimony, Janet revealed how a simple prayer to God turned into a huge blessing in her life. She testified how she asked God for a favour a few weeks to Christmas and it was fulfilled on time after she prayed to God.

Here is Janet’s full testimony in her weekly dialogue;

It is another new week. There is an advert on UBC these days from Airtel on Friday evenings. It bellows: “It’s Freaky Friday!” and it suddenly reminds you how quickly Friday comes around. So, I am wondering whether my social media dialogue also wakes you up to remember that it’s yet a new week.

The topic for discussion this week is “Prayer”. I want to start by asking you whether you have ever prayed for anything and gotten it? If yes, then God was telling you that He knows you by name and that’s how God opens up or maintains relationships. If not, on the other hand, then today I’d like to encourage you to begin to pray for whatever you want to see happen in your life and see what God may do for you.

I don’t remember whether I have ever talked to you about my own origin of my relationship with God, my Father. It started with a great need I had in my heart. I prayed and asked God that if He was real (and not just an ancient story), He would help me get what I needed before Christmas, which was just a few weeks away. I asked God to answer me before Christmas and then I would know that He is God.

Well, I got the shock of my life because on Christmas day, I suddenly realized that what I prayed for had actually been given to me. I had not even thought that what I had done was prayer, because I did it as a challenge to God asking Him to prove to me that He is there, that He actually exists and can hear prayers and answer people. God, in His goodness and mercy, proved to me that He is God. He exists and He hears prayers and answers.

Therefore, I want to challenge you today because I have no doubt in my mind that you have a need or needs in your life. Well, I challenge you to pray to God and you can even quote me in your prayer and say: “Janet tells me that if I pray to you, that you will hear me and answer with kindness. Please answer me.” You will see what God may do for you that may be a shock of your life.

Furthermore, I’d like to know what happens when God answers; for it is when He answers, that your journey with Him has truly began. Because of this you will never stop praying. If you choose to remain faithful in your relationship with Him, then the confidence that only God gives will now be yours forever.

Therefore, I dare you now to try God!


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