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Kampala emerged as a distinguished winner among five global cities, including Xianning (China), Gwangju (South Korea), Chalindri (Greece), and Bogota (Colombia).

Kampala Celebrates International Award for Urban Innovation

Kampala emerged as a distinguished winner among five global cities, including Xianning (China), Gwangju (South Korea), Chalindri (Greece), and Bogota (Colombia).
posted onDecember 15, 2023

Kampala City celebrated its outstanding achievement in winning the Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation during a jubilant ceremony held at the Serena Hotel on Thursday. The accolade recognizes cities that have demonstrated exceptional commitment and creativity in addressing urban challenges.

Kampala emerged as a distinguished winner among five global cities, including Xianning (China), Gwangju (South Korea), Chalindri (Greece), and Bogota (Colombia).

The city's success is attributed to the groundbreaking Weyonje App, developed by the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), which has garnered international acclaim for its role in advancing technology to enhance sanitation and hygiene service delivery, especially within informal settlements.

KCCA Executive Director Dorothy Kisaka officially handed over the Award to the Minister of Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan Affairs, Hajat Minsa Kabanda.

Kabanda expressed her enthusiasm for the achievement, acknowledging the impactful work carried out by the KCCA. She emphasized the importance of taking full advantage of the Weyonje App to ensure cleaner environments, sanitation, and good hygiene practices.

"Kampala's win is a testament to serious work happening at KCCA. If we had a bigger budget, we would be doing even much bigger things," Minister Kabanda remarked, urging everyone to view the award as inspiration for further advancements.

The award reflects not only the success of the Weyonje App but also Kampala City's commitment to creating a sustainable and inclusive urban environment.

The Weyonje App has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing sanitation services in Kampala.

It tracks faecal sludge waste and sanitation services from collection to disposal, providing jobs for Fecal Sludge Private Entrepreneurs and enabling KCCA to monitor sanitation service delivery efficiently.

In her remarks, Kisaka expressed her elation, noting that the Weyonje App, in use since 2018, has matured to international recognition, winning awards of urban innovation.

The app has not only improved collection of fecal sludge efficiency from 40% to 80% but has also significantly reduced response time, from a week to just an hour.

"We have created jobs and opportunities for earning, with over 15,000 jobs generated and more than 1 million dollars received by our service providers," stated Kisaka.

The celebration also featured commendations from John Mary Ssebufu, Executive Secretary for Finance, and Olive Namazzi, Executive Secretary for Public Health, Education, Environment, and Sports.

Namazzi emphasized the inclusivity of the Weyonje App, stating that even those without smartphones can access services through community members.

"The App is a game changer in sanitation. Even those without smartphones can access the service through fellow community members who can request on their behalf."

Dr. Sarah Zalwango, Deputy Director Medical Services, highlighted the app's impact on sanitation and praised it as not just an application but a significant contribution to improving overall sanitation.

The Weyonje App has contributed to several milestones in sanitation, including increased faecal sludge collection efficiency, improved response time, regulation of private entrepreneurs, and identification of vulnerable households in informal settlements.

The celebrations were attended by various stakeholders, including landlords, gulpers and village health teams and cesspool emptiers.

With this prestigious international recognition, Kampala looks forward to continued collaborations and innovations, positioning itself as a global leader in urban innovation and smart city development. The Guangzhou Award not only celebrates past achievements but serves as a catalyst for even greater accomplishments on the horizon.

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