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Leonce Byimana

Leonce Byimana: Rwandan National Secretly Working With Local NGOs on Smear Campaign Against Ugandan

posted onMarch 3, 2021

Leonce Byimana, a Rwandan National has for long been working with members of the civil society in Uganda to tarnish Uganda's image in the international community, this website has established.

Under his NGO, Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition (TASSC) in which he is the Executive Director, Byimana has been secretly working with Ugandan Civil Society Activists like Nicholas Opiyo, Sarah Bireete, Godber Tumushabe among others to tarnish the image of uganda and senior government and security officials.

Mr Byimana with Bobi Wine

Byimana's NGO, TASSC is a Washington based organisation believed to be run by Rwanda through their Defense Attache in the Rwandan Embassy in Washington.

Despite accusations that Rwanda, which is his country of origin has been arresting, detaining and assassinating it's critics, Byimana has turned a blind eye and instead decided to join a smear campaign against Uganda by accusing the Kamapala government of torturing Ugandans among other Injustices.

In one of his recent tweets, Byimana seeks information about relatives of various security personnel in Uganda! It is however not clear why he is seeking such information as he doesn't delve into the details.

One of the tweets by Byimana while in Rwanda

In a photo seen by this website, Byimana is also seen by opposition politician Robert Kyagulanyi.

It is important to note that several NGOs have been covertly working with opposition groups against the ruling NRM party.

Recently, following concrete information that these groups were involved in subversive activities, President Museveni suspended the operations of the Democratic Governance Facility (DGF) which has been acting as a vehicle for funds aimed at activities against the Ugandan government.

The Kampala Post has also seen a document apportioning various tasks among respective NGOs with the aim of undermining the current regime under President Yoweri Museveni.

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