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Speaker Rebecca Kadaga (C) with MP Jova Kamateeka and Deputy IGG Margret Wagadiya (R) at the 3rd Women's Forum breakfast meeting. Photo by Max Patrico Ocaido.

Don’t Waste Time in a Bad Marriage – Women Told

Don't waste your time in a marriage which is not working out. Don't sacrifice your happiness for the sake of a marriage. If you can't sustain a marriage then it's better to quit. - Jolly Gonahasa, wife to Kabweri County MP Francis Gonahasa.
posted onOctober 7, 2017

By Max Patrico Ocaido

Whereas the Bible says that, “What God hath joined together, let not man put asunder”, women have been advised to file for divorce when marriage fails.

This was revealed by women panelists during the 3rd Annual Women’s Forum that was held at Hotel Africana, Kampala.

During the interactive session, panelists, Jolly Gonahasa, wife to Kabweri County MP Francis Gonahasa advised women not to choke on a failed marriage when there is room for divorce.

“Don’t waste your time in a marriage which is not working out. Don’t sacrifice your happiness for the sake of a marriage. If you can’t sustain a marriage then it’s better to quit,” Gonahasa said. 

On the other hand, Gonahasa advised women to stop looking for ‘Mr. right’ but rather be the right person for their partner. She boasted how she has been happily married to her husband for over 30years because she continuously keeps caring for him.

“Marriage is not about finding the right person, but being the right person for your partner. Marriages stop to crumble when you stop caring about your man and vice versa. Men are like floor tiles. If you lay them properly then you will enjoy stepping on them,” Gonahasa said. 

Molly Lanyiro, Lamwo Woman MP (L) led the prayer session during the breakfast meeting. On the right is MP Wamala Namboze. Photo by Max Patrico Ocaido.

She encouraged women to have a strong relationship with God if their marriage is to blossom, adding that most marriages fail because partners marry for other attached strings rather than true love.

State minister for Local Government Jennifer Namuyangu on the other hand expressed concern on how people have nowadays turned social media and other media like radios and TV as an avenue to look for marriage partners.

However, Entebbe Municipality MP Rosemary Tumusiime said that whereas a good marriage is a blessing, divorces have also become the order of the paper.

“I accept that marriage begins with love, but today there is a lot of divorce, our children are no longer having natural love for their partners and I don’t know if this is partly due to level of education that women have attained now. There is need to strengthen our homes because when we have broken homes then our societies will be broken too,” Tumusiime said.

Gospel singer turned politician Judith Babirye (Buikwe Woman MP) said that society including churches ‘condemn’ divorce, prompting women to bleed silently in a bad marriage.

Barbara Ofwono, the proprietor of Victorious Schools advised women to rise up to the occasion, fight for their rights and above all be good mothers to their children.

“God created a woman as a special person but society keeps saying you’re weak. Never allow to be challenged because God created you to make this country a better place to live in,” Ofwono said.

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