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Artiste Rema Namakula looking great in her gold gown. Courtesy Photo.

How Ugandan Women are Embracing ‘Hollywood’ Red Carpet Dress

posted onDecember 12, 2017

By Justine Namara

The phrase ‘who are you wearing’ is a loaded phrase at the red carpet and Ugandan ladies are adaptive as we do not want to miss out on some of these fashionable statements. We can take extra miles to get there! The Abryan’s Fashion and Style Awards (AFSA’s) were on this weekend at the Kampala Serena Hotel and no one could hold it due to the stunning outfits that the ladies came rocking for the red carpet. It is not only this  at event that ladies have been seen looking heavenly in their Red carpet gowns like they have been imported straight from Hollywood.

How the dresses are chosen  

To note is that most of these Hollywood celebrities are actually paid by fashion houses to wear their outfits and Ugandans for this case may not be exempted. Some of them buy them but a big number of the designers look at the tradition of dressing a celebrity as a business opportunity to advertise their designs and Ugandans are embracing it.

Ex Miss Uganda Slyvia Namutebi at Abryan’s Fashion and Style Awards 2017. Courtesy Photo.

Immy (who preferred to give us one name) is a student of Fatuma Hasha a fashion designer and she explains that this year has been a lot different from last year as far as awards are concerned. 

“Last year’s red carpet was full of African print out fits but this time, ladies made a remarkable change of opting for the Hollywood kind of outfits. It has been amazing at how most of them gave ideas of what they wanted and it is just a few who preferred African print,” she said.

 She explains that when it comes to celebrities, some of them just suggest ideas of how they would want to look and some of these designs are suggested by the designer and they get to choose depending on what the designer has suggested. It is a collaborative process.

Body shape

Immy says that body shape is the most important thing to consider while making a decision on what to wear for the red carpet event. Part of the job of the stylist is not to simply choose a beautiful outfit - what they need to consider is how that actual dress will look on that particular body and will they both complement each other in the best possible light.

“As a stylist, my attention to detail is all over. But, you're not going to get a good finish if you haven't started with a great base layer. You don't want to have any unsightly lines nor an issue with transparency on fabrics under the glare of the lights and the cameras,” Immy said. “These two are the most important considerations to put in mind before making a choice,” she added.

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