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Edwin Ruyonga. Courtesy Photo

Rapper Ruyonga Apologizes for Equating Prophet Mbonye to Jesus

posted onApril 9, 2018

By Justine Namara

Rapper Edwin Ruyonga has finally felt tingle from his fans and social media backlash after he posted on Facebook equating Prophet Elvis Mbonye to Jesus Christ.

He posted while wishing the prophet a happy birthday last month but his choice of words left his followers in bewilderment.  He posted “I see no difference between my father Prophet Elvis Mbonye and Jesus, really. Happy Birthday Greatest Prophet of our generation, an awesome revelation of our Lord and King Jesus.”

The rapper over the weekend posted again apologising for any harm and misinterpretation that was caused by his controversial post about the prophet who may think is extreme in his actions.

Ruyonga who did not expect slap back from his followers had to do something to make his fans happy after they had threatened to delete all his music from their devices and stop listening to any at all.

“To those who genuinely care for and look up to me, I am genuinely sorry for any damage I may have caused in what I said. I just have a way with words and some of us do get tired of how a good servant of God gets criticized and disrespected with little to no basis. Again, my opinion, Jesus is a narrow path every Christian is on at their own stage, so I ask for the Grace to be forgiven as I continue on mine. If you need more clarity feel free to hit me up personally,” the apologetic Ruyonga posted.

Ruyonga added “I believe Prophet Elvis Mbonye, who many people attack for no reason other than he gets a lot more honor and attention  is deemed right by organised religion, is a Jesus loving Christian, and he matters a lot to me in that regard. So Jesus is inside him, like he is in every Christian, same for God and the Holy Spirit, or he wouldn’t be able to do what he does, and he credits Jesus for that manifestation every, single, Tuesday.”

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