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Singer Chris Evans
Singer Chris Evans is known for mostly performing at wedding ceremonies. Courtesy photo

Thugs Attack Singer Chris Evans, Vehicle Stolen

Chris Evan is known for songs such as Ndikusasula Kyi, Nantale, Linda Nsimye and Omuzadde Owekyisa
posted onMay 8, 2018

KAMPALA. Unidentified thugs have attacked local music artist, Chris Evans Kaweesi and made off with his vehicle registration number UAZ 399J. The thugs attacked Chris Evans at Lungujja in Lubaga Division in Kampala in the wee hours of this morning.
Evans, who is admitted at Mengo hospital, has filed a case of assault and vehicle theft at Old Kampala Police Station. The Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire, quotes Evans saying in his statement that he noticed two people trailing him on a boda boda at around midnight as he was driving home.
According to Owoyesigyire, Evans decided to branch off to a nearby gate next to the road while hooting for help. "Even though he was hooting, the two thugs came towards his car window, crashed it, hit him on the head and forced him out of the car. 
He says one of them entered the car, the other got on the motorcycle and their drove away," said Owoyesigyire. On average three vehicles are stolen in Kampala and its surrounding districts each day. However, only one vehicle is recovered or the suspects are picked by the elite Police Flying Squad.

Chris Evan is known for songs such as Ndikusasula Kyi, Nantale, Linda Nsimye and Omuzadde Owekyisa.


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