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Girls these days fantasize on their wedding day. Courtesy Photo

Why Girls are Obsessed with Weddings

Wedding desperation is a rampant condition among girls in their mid twenties and they are always ruining great moments with their obsession.
posted onFebruary 21, 2018

By Justine Namara

With the amount of marriage propaganda that is shoved down our throats by our culture, it is hard for girls not to get obsessed with weddings.

While growing up, baby girls are always told about dressing like princesses and looking beautiful like brides and they definitely grow up with wedding fantasies.

Wedding desperation is a rampant condition among girls in their mid twenties and they are always ruining great moments with their obsession.

Too many times, I’ve watched a nice conversation over lunch or coffee quickly turns to guess who just got engaged! or Did you see pictures from so-and-so’s wedding? I doubt my male peers experience this phenomenon when they sit down for a beer with their friends (I have no evidence for this and could very well be wrong).

So, why are women so preoccupied with marriage? The most simplistic explanation for marriage mania has to be media infiltration.

When celebrities like Zari are all over Instagram and Facebook sharing pictures of them and their partners, some girls can’t help but wish  that their time can come like ‘yesterday’, it’s that bad by the way!

Last week on Valentine's day when Zari unfortunately announced to the public that she had decided to leave her husband singer Diamond Platnumz, it was unfortunate but worse still it was confusion for the girls who dream to be like her and thought she had a marriage of her dreams.

One lady posted on the infamous Mama Tendo group on Facebook that “some of you are spending sleepless nights thinking about getting married while others are just walking out.”

The marriage obsession has caused most women to overlook all those red flags of toxic relationships and to them, having a ring on their finger is just enough, as long as they are able to share their #kukyala, #kwanjula, and #wedding pictures with the social media world just like their agemates or role model couples.

Personally, I believe that marriage goes way beyond having a ring on your finger; I mean I can still buy myself that ring and wear it for show’s sake! 

In one of his services, City Pastor Aloysius Bujingo hinted about how girls are enduring dangerous and toxic relationships just in the name of a marriage promise. "Because the man promised to marry you, will you stay imprisoned by this promise?”

I totally side with him because this statement is hoodwinking most girls and they end up in unhappy marriages just to belong in that status.

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