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(L-R) Newly appointed Judges Jane Adobo, Paul Gadenya, Cornelia Sabiti and Ezekiel Muhanguzi waiting to be vetted by the Appointments Committee on Wednesday. Courtesy Photo

7 Newly Appointed Judges Successfully Vetted, Approved

Today’s vetting session was chaired by Speaker Rebecca Kadaga who was flanked by her deputy Jacob Oulanyah
posted onFebruary 14, 2018

By Max Patrico Ocaido

Parliament has today (Wednesday) successfully vetted and approved 7 new judges of the Court of Appeal and High Court.

The 7 are part of the 14 judges who were recently appointed by President Yoweri Museveni. The other remaining nominees will be vetted by the Parliamentary Appointments Committee on Thursday.

Today’s vetting session was chaired by Speaker Rebecca Kadaga who was flanked by her deputy Jacob Oulanyah.

According to a source who attended the vetting, all the 7 judges who appeared were approved.

The judges include; Justices Christopher Madrama, Stephen Musota, Percy Tuhaise and Ezekiel Muhanguzi who  will be sitting in the Court of Appeal. The other judges of the High Court who were approved are; Jane Adobo, Cornelia Sabiiti, Paul Gadenya. According to sources, Percy Tuhaise, High Court judge (now Court of Appeal judge) and Gadenya, who has been Chief Registrar and senior technical advisor - ‎Ministry of justice impressed the vetting committee most.

Richard Wabwire, Joyce Kavuma, Olive Kazaarwe Mukwaya, Alex Ajiji, Taddeo Asiimwe and Emmanuel Baguma will be vetted tomorrow (Thursday).

Delayed Justice

In an interview after interfacing with the vetting committee, newly appointed justice Madrama said that the appointment is timely to deal with the current case backlog in the Courts of Law.

“There are so many cases for judges to hold and there is a personnel issue. Justice is being delayed because there is a long line which is waiting for handling by the judicial officers both in the High Court and Court of Appeal,” Madrama said.

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