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New Police Spokesman Fred Enanga.Courtesy Photo.
New Police Spokesman Fred Enanga.Courtesy Photo.

End of Rank, Office Dilemma: Former Police Spokespersons Enanga and Namaye Bounce Back

Enanga replaces Senior Superintendent of Police Emilian Kayima who has been the Police Spokesperson since November 2017.
posted onJanuary 13, 2019
By Fred Kiva
It’s the end of the dilemma of office and rank in the Uganda Police Force Public Relations Department as Senior Officers, earlier thrown behind the curtains bounce back.
Commissioner of Police Fred Enanga was on Saturday reappointed the Police Spokesperson, together with Assistant Commissioner of Police Polly Namaye. The two had served in the respective positions prior.
Enanga replaces Senior Superintendent of Police Emilian Kayima who has been the Police Spokesperson since November 2017.
When former Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura appointed Kayima the police spokesperson, many were left wondering how then Deputy Police Spokesperson Assistant Commissioner of Police Polly Namaye would deputize her junior in rank. Although those knowledgeable in security argued then that office takes precedence in this case, it was apparent that Namaye was uncomfortable, as she would never appear for press conferences with her new boss Emillian Kayima, as it was the case with immediate former Police Spokesperson AIGP Asan Kasingye.
The dilemma was deepened further months later when it emerged that Commissioner of Police Fred Enanga (former Spokesperson) and Namaye all senior in rank were to serve in the Public Relations Department headed by their junior Emilian Kayima.
As the dilemma continued, many hopped to see Kayima skipping two ranks and being promoted to Senior Commissioner of Police. This however did not happen until Saturday when IGP Ochola removed him from the position. Kayima will be the head of publications in the Police Political Commissariat. The IGP also bounced back Deputy Police Spokesperson Superintendent of Police Patrick Onyango to Kampala Metropolitan Police as Spokesperson. He had been Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson prior to his appointment as Deputy Police Spokesperson, early last year.
Onyango will be deputized by Cadet Assistant Superintendent of Police Luke Owoyesigyire who has been caretaking the seat since he left. 
IGP Ochola and the Sweeping Changes
Ochola formerly Deputy Inspector General of Police was in March last year elevated following the sacking of Inspector General of Police,Gen. Kale Kayihura. Kayihura was sacked by President Yoweri Museveni at the time the Police Force was seemingly in a mess, with many top officers being accused of engaging in criminality. No wonder Gen Kayihura has never been a free man ever since his sacking.He is battling court charges of abetting illegal extradition of Rwandan refugees and failure to protect war materials,all charges he denies.
Ever since he assumed office IGP Ochola has made several sweeping changes, including disbanding some of the units created by his predecessor. 
Media reaction
The latest shakeup in the Police Public Relations Department is a welcome move to many of the crime reporters, who are now showering the new appointees with congratulatory messages.
“So happy for Afande Enanga, congratulations and we’ll be back,” posted one of the journalists in the crime reporters’ Watsapp group where all the affected officers are members.

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