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Ernest Kiiza
Bunyoro Affairs Minister Ernest Kiiza addressing fundraisers on Wednesday. Photo by Fred Kiva

Kabakumba's Rival Jailed Over Accumulated Court Costs

The Court of appeal ordered Kyotasobora to pay 125million shillings in 2012 after his loss of an election petition filed against Kabakumba Matsiko the former Minister for Presidency.
posted onJuly 27, 2017

By Fred Kiva, Masindi

Phenehas Kyotasobora, who contested against Kabakumba Matsiko for the Bujenje Parliamentary seat in 2011, is in prison for failing to clear court costs.

Kyotasobora was arrested last Wednesday over failing to pay court costs totaling to 125million shillings. The Court of appeal ordered Kyotasobora to pay the money in 2012 after his loss of an election petition filed against Kabakumba who is also former Minister for

He has since failed to pay the money, prompting his arrest and eventual imprisonment in Luzira government prison for six months. Meanwhile friends and well-wishers in Masindi have embarked on a fundraising drive to raise the money and secure Kyotasobora’s release.

Bunyoro Affairs Minister as well as Masindi Municipality Member of Parliament Ernest Kiiza, who was among the fundraisers at Masindi Stadium on Wednesday said they want to raise the money required and secure Kyotasobora’s release.

 “The money we are collecting is not for government, or Electoral Commission but Kabakumba’s money so that Kyotasobora can be released,” said Minister Kiiza.

Over 5million shillings was collected that day, bringing the total to 13million shillings. This is because seven had been raised earlier. Residents brought a number of items, including matooke, chicken, among others for auction during the fundraising.

Hajji Muhammoud Kazimbiraine who is spearheading the fundraising drive says “It’s good for the people of Masindi to ensure that Kyotasobora is out of jail, since he has also worked for the good of all.”

The former Bujenje County Member of Parliament and Minister for the Presidency, Kabakumba Matsiko has meanwhile distanced herself from Kyotasobora’s arrest.

“Am not aware of those things (Kyotasoboara’s arrest), don’t involve me,” She told this website when contacted last Wednesday.

Phenehas Kyotasobora is the Executive Director of Bunyoro Choice Uganda, a local advocacy organization.

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