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besigye and bobi
This is not the first incident involving Besigye and Bobi Wine. Courtesy photo

Kizza Besigye Survives Beating by Bobi Wine Supporters

posted onMarch 2, 2019

KAMPALA. Former FDC President Rt. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye escaped being beaten by angry Bobi Wine supporters after they stormed Massengere building at Mengo which houses CBS radio where the FDC leader was appearing on a political talk show.

According to a statement issued by FDC, while leaving CBS FM in Bulange-Mengo, a group of youth thronged the Radio Station compound to attack Dr. Besigye.

“Our team is investigating to find out more details about who these young people are, who sent them and why they want to harm our leader,” the statement reads in part.

Reports indicate that the youth who attacked Dr Besigye belong to Bobi Wine’s People Power.

There has been tension between Bobi Wine’s People Power supporters and a group of opposition members who want Besigye unchallenged as the main opposition leader in the country.

The relations between the two opposition camps were worsened after Besigye’s appointment of his ‘People’s Assembly’.

Observers say this was aimed at weakening Kyagulanyi and his team that is eating into Besigye’s opposition support base.

The statement sent by FDC via Social Media condemns the youth who are said to have met a force of Boda Boda riders who engaged in a fight before Besigye was whisked to his Katonga road office in Kampala.

“Using violence to advance a political debate or to win an electoral contest has never been our position or policy. We condemn all acts of violence against anyone. Our position is using nonviolent means of struggle to liberate ourselves from bad governance,” the statement adds.

Bobi Wine’s group is yet to respond to the statement and allegations that his people attacked Besigye.

However, this is not the fist time the two groups are clashing. 

Last year, Kyagulanyi admitted storming a rally that was being addressed by former FDC president Dr Kizza Besigye in Arua last month.

In an interview with Patrick Kamara on kfm radio, Kyagulanyi was tasked to explain why he led his group in the direction of Bruce Musema’s campaign venue. Musema was an FDC candidate in the Arua Municipality by-election that was won by Kassiano Wadri.

In a video that circulated on social media after the campaigns in Arua, Bobi Wine was seen on top of a vehicle signaling to FDC supporters to leave a rally that was being addressed by Dr Besigye to join him.

Kamara then asked Bobi Wine why he had used a provocative method of mobilization, saying ‘things could have turned ugly’ if Besigye’s supporters had retaliated against Bobi Wine’s actions. Indeed, Besigye told the people to take no action.

Bobi Wine had been supporting Wadri in the election.

During the same campaign, Bobi Wine and his group did not stop at attacking Besigye’s but went ahead to attack President Museveni’s convoy, smashing the rear windscreen of one of the vehicles. Mr Museveni was in Arua to campaign for Nusura Tiperu who came second in the poll.

Subsequently, Bobi Wine and his co-accused have since been charged with treason after they reportedly attempted to harm the President.

In the interview with Kamara, Bobi Wine acknowledged the clash with Besigye adding that he had made a personal apology to Dr Besigye.

“Of course that is something that I must admit. It happened in the heat of the moment and I apologized to Dr Kizza Besigye,” said Bobi Wine.

Bobi Wine was also questioned on whether his political activities are being funded by foreigners.

The singer turned politician however denied being funded by anyone saying that he hasn’t received any coin from foreigners.

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