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Makerere University
Makerere University graduates celebrate during their graduation ceremony. Courtesy Photo.

Makerere Students to Pick Transcripts Before Graduation

Transcripts for the graduating students will be ready before graduation. Those who wish to pick them before graduation are free to do so. When they are ready we will inform the public. - Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe, Vice Chancellor.
posted onDecember 13, 2017

By Abraham Kizza

Makerere University students will pick their academic transcripts before their graduation, Vice Chancellor Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe has said.

Prof Nawangwe revealed this on his Twitter handle where he said that students who would wish to pick their transcripts before graduation are free to do so.

“Transcripts for the graduating students will be ready before graduation. Those who wish to pick them before graduation are free to do so. When they are ready we will inform the public,” he said.

Recently, graduates have been waiting for a long time before they could collect their transcripts due to lengthy process involved.

Some have had to lose opportunities of obtaining their dream jobs as a result of delayed issuance of transcripts.

The initiative was warmly welcomed by many students, alumni and the general public although some were sceptical about its effectiveness.


Patrick Okumu tweeted welcoming the development although he observed that that would lead some graduates to shun the graduation ceremony.

 “Great Initiative…! I hope those who pick their transcripts before graduation day don’t abscond the main graduation ceremony!” he said in his tweet.

Moses Watulo also tweeted: “I wonder why transcript processing had become (a problem) for a premier university before you were appointed.”

Mwetware Crescent who views this idea as unrealistic wondered whether it would be effective.

“I still refuse to believe this, sounds unreal. But if true, thank you for the good work,” he responded to the Vice Chancellor.

Sophia Nakalyango, a third-year student of Science in Agriculture welcomed the initiative saying it would relieve them from all the disturbances graduates have been going through to pick their transcripts after graduation.

 “I appreciate our beloved Vice Chancellor for that program, it will save us from facing all the challenges our colleagues have been going through in picking transcripts after graduation,” she said.

In his move to ease the process of picking the transcripts by graduates from the university, Prof. Nawangwe on October 30, while addressing a monthly media briefing at Makerere University disclosed that the University Central Management has decentralized the issuance of academic transcripts meaning that students shall be picking their documents from their respective colleges.

Makerere University Senate building where graduates were picking their academic transcripts. Photo by Abraham Kizza.

 “With this arrangement, the Academic Registrar will send printed Makerere University academic transcripts to the Office of the Principal in the respective Colleges,” said Prof Nawangwe.

This came to allay graduates from all the hardships they have been undergoing in the process of picking their transcripts from the Senate building, the process which involved too much bureaucracy.

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