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Mbarara Priests Ordained Saturday
Mbarara Priests Ordained Saturday

Mbarara Archdiocese Ordains Priests, Bishop Bakyenga Urges Christians to Conserve the Environment

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posted onJuly 1, 2017

The Mbarara Archdiocese in Nyamitanga Cathedral yesterday ordained 11 priests and 13 deacons in a service that was led by Archbishop Paul K Bakyenga who warned Christians to conserve the environment and make it the way God handed it fruitfully to us. “There is no more food because there is a lot of drought and rain is no longer raining because of human life activities,” he said. “God created the world so that we beautify and enjoy it but instead we have destroyed the nature and all the echo systems; we should restore it like the way how God handed it to over us,” said the Bishop.

He has also asked the ordained priests to learn how to commit their bodies to God and abstain from the many world temptations that can obstruct their service to humanity. He urged them to do God’s work like the way it is supposed to be and build the house of the lord which is the church. “You’re sent by the lord to go and do his Godly works but I want to caution you to learn how to live together with people in communities to avoid domestic violence in the priests’ homes,” Bakyenga counseled. He asked the priests to extend their services to vulnerable and hopeless groups of people in hospitals and prisons. “I expect you to be very kind to them with God’s mercies; do it for all people including those in prisons and hospitals who need your intervention,” he said.

Bakyenga also thanked parents and relatives for preparing their children to pass through different tests that require them to be healthy which they have gone through successfully. The Rwampara County MP, Hon. Charles Ngabirano speaking with journalists said he will ask other parliamentarians to cooperate with religious leaders in protecting the environment. The function was attended by a number of politicians including; Minster Ephraim Kamuntu, Hon. Francis Mwijukye, Olive Koyekyenga, Charles Ngabirano, Chairman LC V Capt. JB Bamuturaki and many other religious leaders.

James Bariyo

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