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Buhweju County MP Francis Mwijukye
Buhweju County MP, Francis Mwijukye says that suspicious people have of late been trailing him. Courtesy photo

MPs Cry Out for Security over Suspected Assassination Plots

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga informed all MPs whose security is threatened to register with the Parliamentary commission to be availed a patrol car with VIIP police officers.
posted onSeptember 13, 2018

By Max Patrick Ocaido

PARLIAMENT. Since the murder of police officer ASP Muhammad Kirumira last week, prominent persons including politicians continue to live in fear as assassination nightmares continue to linger even in broad daylight.

In less than 7days, several MPs have come out to cry for extended security for fear that some unscrupulous people are trailing them with intent to assassinate them.

It all started last week when Mbale District Woman MP Connie Galiwango cried to Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah saying that she and her family are living in fear after unknown people have been trailing her for days.

“A saloon car whose number plate I have failed to master has been trailing me and one attempted to block my entrance to my gate. My sight is not too good enough and I have not been able to identify the number plate. At first I mistook them for other normal road users until I continuously saw the same car on several occasions trailing me last Thursday up to Mukono where I had gone to visit my businesses,” NRM’s Galiwango said last week.
She added that her efforts to record a statement at Police have not yielded any results after police told her to seek for personal security and try to acquire a second car for camouflage.

“I am now pleading to the minister of Internal Affairs to come to my rescue because I and my family feel insecure and I cannot have a second car simply to camouflage,” Galiwango said.

In response, Internal Affairs State Minister, Obiga Kania pledged to work hand in hand with the MP to track and trap her trailers. He urged fellow MPs to remain vigilant and report any suspicious people.

On Wednesday, Busongora North County William Nzoghu also took to the floor of Parliament and asked for security saying his life is in danger.

The FDC MP said that unknown people have been trailing him and he has on several occasions seen them at his residence.

“I think we are slipping into a situation where we cannot be sure of what is going to happen next. I would like the Ministers of Security, Internal Affairs and Defense to assure me of my security,” Nzoghu cried out, prompting Speaker Rebecca Kadaga to inform all MPs whose security is threatened to register with the Parliamentary commission to be availed a patrol car with VIIP police officers.

During today’s (Thursday) plenary, another MP also revealed that his life could be in danger.  
Buhweju County MP Francis Mwijukye said that suspicious people have of late been trailing him.

“I am calling on government to address the issue of insecurity in the country. Yesterday I was followed around by an unknown car after I left Uganda Management Institute (UMI) where I am studying. Now I feel so threatened,” Mwijukye said.

Former Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga is the last MP to be assassinated. His assassination has been highly attributed to his liberal mind on the recent Age limit debate that saw Parliament scrap the presidential age limits.

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