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Lukwago shares a light moment with Musisi
Lord Mayor Lukwago shares a light moment with outgoing KCCA ED Musisi. Courtesy photo

Musisi Gives Lukwago Goodbye ‘Kiss’ A Week to Her Resignation

In the photos that are making rounds, Musisi is pictured sharing a surprise joke with Lukwago and the latter could not seemingly resist to smile widely
posted onDecember 5, 2018

By Max Patrick Ocaido

KAMPALA. Outgoing Kampala Capital City Authority Executive Director, Jennifer Musisi has on Wednesday ‘buried hatchet’ with the antagonistic Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago ahead of her resignation.

Musisi paid a rare visit to Lukwago at his KCCA office where he was with his deputy Sarah Kanyike. This courtesy visit comes 10 days ahead of Musisi’s resignation on December 15, 2018.

Musisi and Lukwago have never been in talking terms since they started working together at City Hall.

“My team and I called on the Lord Mayor and his Deputy,” Musisi tweeted.

In the photos that are making rounds, Musisi is pictured sharing a surprise joke with Lukwago and the latter could not seemingly resist to smile widely.

It should be remembered that in October, Musisi tendered in her resignation letter to the appointing authority, President Yoweri Museveni informing him that she would only serve as KCCA boss until December 15th, 2018.

In a 20 page letter, Musisi thanked President Museveni for giving her the opportunity to serve this nation both in Uganda Revenue (URA) and KCCA, justifying that her resignation comes after registering tremendous achievements at the helm of the Authority.

Musisi in her resignation letter was quick to highlight about 5 challenges that constrained her team from achieving much more. Among the challenges include; irreconcilable differences between political strategists and technical team of KCCA, limited funding, inadequate political support to the efforts of the KCCA Technical Team, among others.

“I have over the last seven years raised these issues numerous times to the Executive and the Legislature, which have at times made some efforts to address them. However, on the whole, these challenges have not been substantially addressed, therefore hampering planned transformation programmes and expected service delivery,” Musisi’s letter reads.

Musisi was appointed KCCA ED in April 2011. On 27 February 2014, Museveni appointed her for another three-year term, effective 14 April 2014. Her contract was renewed in April 2017, to run from 15 April 2017 until 14 April 2020.

Musisi earlier worked for Makerere University as a Legal Adviser. She was then appointed Commissioner Legal Services, and subsequently Commissioner Legal Services and Board Affairs in URA.

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