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Mowzey Radio
Mowzey Radio during his happy times. Courtesy photo

Singer Mowzey Radio is Dead

Musician Moses Ssekibogo, better known by his stage name Moze Radio of the Goodlyfe Crew is dead. The singer died at about 6am at Case Hospital where he had been admitted following a bar fight.
posted onFebruary 1, 2018

By Kampala Post Reporter

Musician Moses Ssekibogo, better known by his stage name Mowzey Radio of the Goodlyfe Crew is dead.
The singer died at about 6am at Case Hospital where he had been fighting for his life after a bar fight. He has died at the age of 33 years only. He was born on 1st January, 1985.

The hospital has confirmed in a statement: "The management of case hospital regrets to announce the passing of Moses Ssekibogo alias Moze Radio today 1st February 2018 at 6: 00 am."

The singer was allegedly beaten into coma at De Bar, a local hang-out spot in Entebbe town last week on Monday.

After Radio was admitted at Case Clinic, reports emerged that the singer had died. The hospital and the musician's Facebook page dispelled the rumor, stating that the musician had had a successful operation on his brain and that his condition was improving.

At least five people were arrested following the fight that has cut the life of the musician short. 

Reports indicate that Radio was lifted up by an unidentified bouncer who tossed him before the singer fell and severely hit his head on floor.

Radio and Weasel
Moze Radio (L) and his singing partner Weasel have had a successful ten year music journey together. Courtesy photo


The singer's death comes after well weishers had contributed money to clear hospital bills for Radio who was a singing partner of Jose Chameleon's brother Douglas Mayanja better known as Weasle.

President Yoweri Museveni contributed Shs30m towards his treatment. “The management of Case Hospital acknowledges the payment of UGX 30,000,000 received from H.E The President of the Republic of Uganda @KagutaMuseveni. We are grateful for this generous deed of contributing to hospital bills for the amazingly talented Ugandan vocalist Radio,” read part of the statement from Case Hospital.

Others including socialite Bryan White had also made some contributions.

10 Years of Music

Before they came together, Radio as a vocalist at Leone Island owned by Weasel's brother Chameleon unit where he recorded his first song titled "Sweet Lady". Radio has also had another single- Neera.

Last year, Moze Radio and his singing partner Weasel held a successful concert at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds to mark their ten years of music.

The two had promised more good music in the new year but unfortunately, Weasel now remains alone after his partner's demise.

Some of the songs that brought Radio to the limelight include Nakudatta and Mugati gwa butter Nyambura which were among the very first hits from the singing duo that won the hearts of the music lovers. Moze Radio will be remembered for his vocal skills. May his sould rest in peace!

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