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Muhoozi Kainerugaba
Maj Gen Muhoozi kainerugaba is the Senior Presidential Advisor on Special Operations. Courtesy photo

Special Operations Office Refutes Monitor Story On General Kainerugaba

It is a further assertion of their usual cynicism not only towards government but also individuals associated with the government - said Maj Magezi.
posted onAugust 4, 2018

KAMPALA. The office of the Senior Presidential Advisor for Special Operations (SPA/SO) has dismissed as malicious and cynical a story by the Daily Monitor yesterday that stated Major General Muhoozi Kainerugaba had "boasted" about the prevailing security in the country. 

The former commander of the UPDF Special Forces, now the SPA/SO on Wednesday evening appeared on a prominent television program, NTV men with host Peter Igaga in which they discussed the role of men in personal and community security systems. 

Maj Chris Magezi, the SPA/SO spokesman while speaking to this website described the report by Monitor as cynical, inaccurate and shallow.

"Gen Kainerugaba did not just boast about security but was stating the obvious that Uganda is peaceful," said Maj Magezi adding that: "This was also an acknowledgement of the sacrifice Ugandans have invested in their national security over a long period of time." 

Daily Monitor’s story yesterday was very negative, shallow and deliberately missed key points discussed by Peter Igaga and Gen Kainerugaba.

"It is a further assertion of their usual cynicism not only towards government but also individuals associated with the government," said Maj Magezi.

He says Gen Kainerugaba, based on his experience and professional training in security couldn't have been better placed to share with Ugandans, important tips on security.

The story in the Monitor, titled "First son boasts of prevailing security" was published in the Friday edition of the paper. 

Gen. Kainerugaba is highly trained in special operations and other forms of unconventional warfare, having attended training in Uganda, Egypt, South Africa, the UK and the USA. He has previously served as the Commander of the Special Forces Command (CSFC) of the UPDF for a period spanning seven years from 2010.

Sacrifices made

Maj Magezi says that many Ugandans have lost their lives while others have made key sacrifices in pursuit of a secure country. He gave an example of President Yoweri Museveni's award in honour of his leading peace efforts and initiatives in the Great Lakes region and beyond.

The award was bestowed upon the President two days ago during the Global Peace Leadership Conference (GPLC) that started on August 1 at the Commonwealth Speke Resort Hotel in Munyonyo. 

This is the sixth GPLC, aimed at promoting innovative values-based approach to peace building. 

This year’s theme for the annual event was: “Moral and Innovative Leadership, New Models for Sustainable Peace and Development”.

Mr Museveni has also been at the center of mediations between South Sudan’s warring factions to ensure the restoration of peace to Africa’s youngest nation. President Salva Kiir and rebel leader Riek Machar have agreed a permanent ceasefire, raising hopes of an end to the conflict that has devastated the world's youngest country. Mr Museveni has also played a crucial role in pacifying the situation in Somalia and Central African Republic.

Significant strides 

Citing a recent report that ranks Uganda among the few countries with the happiest populations in the world, Maj Magezi said that nobody should pride in mocking efforts by Ugandans ensuring the prevailing environment. 

A survey report by InterNations, the world’s largest network for people who live and work abroad indicated that Uganda is among a paltry 17 countries to enjoy personal happiness, something Maj Magezi attributes to Uganda’s security and stability.

Relatedly, Uganda is named the fourth-best tourism destination in the world by Rough Guides, a leading travel publisher. In recent years, Uganda has also been named a top tourism destination by many reputable institutions including Lonely Planet.

"For someone to talk about boasting is to be at their cynical best. Gen Kainerugaba, as a security expert could not be better suited to discuss security. He shared useful tips about personal, group and society security," said Maj Magezi, adding: "It is only Monitor who think Gen Kainerugaba boasted but for us we shall continue doing our work to ensure that Uganda achieves total socio-economic transformation," Maj Magezi emphasized. 

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