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Luke Owoyesigyire
Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire. Courtesy Photo

Two Suspected Bombs Discovered in Kampala

It should be noted that last month (May 26th, 2018), Police discovered three suspected stick bombs in the same building.
posted onJune 15, 2018

By Abraham Kizza

KAMPALA. Police in Kampala have discovered two suspected bombs.

Luke Owoyesigyire, Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson says that the suspected bombs were discovered at Plot 66 Kampala Road today (Friday) at around 10:00am.

He adds that Police responded very fast and have taken the two suspected items away for proper disposal.

It should be noted that last month (May 26th2018), Police discovered three suspected stick bombs in the same building.

“We have therefore closed the building until further notice to give our teams time to do search and make sure the building is safe to be occupied again,” Owoyesigyire said in a statement on Friday.

He adds: “We also call upon the Public to remain calm and also to be on the lookout of any suspicious items and activities in their areas of residence, worship and leisure.”

He gave out toll free lines that can be used by the public to reach out in case they notice anything unusual for a quick response.

The lines are; 0800199990, 0800199991 and 0800019992.

This comes just a day when Police issued strict security guidelines ahead of the FIFA World Cup which kicked off yesterday (Thursday).

In a press briefing at the Police Headquarters Naguru on Wednesday, Senior Commissioner of Police (SCP) David Wasswa, the head of Police Counter terrorism Intelligence and Technical Services said since terrorists attacked Uganda during a similar tournament, about eight years ago, there is need to harden their target now as they may wish to do a repeat.

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