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World vision in Uganda
World Vision team offering personal effects to refugees. Courtesy Photo

World Vision to Exit Moyo District – District Chairman

Elders, youths and the district authority have accused World Vision of several misconducts while providing services to Refugees in the district.
posted onJuly 21, 2017

By Kampala Post Reporter

Moyo District Local Government authority has clearly maintained its position of seeing World Vision vacating the district.

This is one of the humanitarian organisations that deals with food distribution and Water plus sanitation programmes on behalf of World Food Programme at Palorinya Refuges settlement in Moyo district.

Elders, youths and the district authority have accused World Vision of several misconducts while providing services to Refugees in the district resulting into peaceful demonstration by youths in Itula Sub County after ten employees who are sons and daughters of the land owner were laid off from their jobs in this organisation.

The Chief Administrative Officer of Moyo District, Mr. Alex Chelimo, after his swearing in Ceremony held on Wednesday July 19, at the Administrative Boardroom told stakeholders in the meeting that he was tasked to immediately email the Permanent Secretary of Ministry for Local Government to explain why the district had resolved to chase away this organisation.

"Dear members, immediately after this meeting I am tasked to find out why World Vision has been told to leave the district", Chelimo says.  

Moyo District Chairman, Mr. Williams Anyama told the gathering that officials from; the State House, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Office of the Prime Minister asked him about the issue for several times.

 "I want to assure you that this should not worry you. If you face challenges you can shift the burden to us, we political leaders can at some strategic political levels handle certain issues without implicating technocrats because we are representing the people directly", says Mr. Anyama.  

He added that this does not mean people of Moyo district are not hospitable, “We have stayed with Refugees  for long which is the manifestation of co-existence and our good intensions of leaving together with our suffering brothers and sisters", Mr. Anyama adds

He noted that there are basic principles that Non-Governmental Organisations must observe. "This is clearly guided by the NGO Act 2007, Local government Act and many other relevant laws", he clarifies.

Mr. Anyama warned organizations like World Vision that operate in the district and do their own things without collaborating with the District Chief Administrative Officer.

He further added that the matter has generated a lot of challenges in different ministries. "We shall stand as a district on a clear ground and tell even ministers that they will not direct us on how Moyo should be run over certain issues so long as what we do is within the laws of Uganda and it is guided by the NGO Act", he concludes.


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