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Bobi Wine as he headed to Hoima last week. Courtesy photo

Opinion: Bobi Wine's Ironical Beliefs About Bunyoro's Kabalega Are Disastrous

posted onSeptember 12, 2019

By Jonathan Akwetereiho

I have taken time to rewind most of Bobi Wine's old songs. Listening to them gives a picture of a determined young man, very focused at that with the zeal to have a better country.

His concerns are also of many Ugandans. For some time, I too grew up in some ghetto, and many Ugandans too, only that by that time there weren't ghetto presidents. Thanks for giving them leadership. First of all, I can say I admire Bobi Wine (Robert Kyagulanyi's) resilience.

However, as a Munyoro, I was taken rolling away reading and hearing Bobi say Uganda was better off under colonialism. Dear Bobi, this is the biggest mistake I have so far pointed out from you. You need to apologize to Bunyoro, that lost its power, potential resources, and global influence, courtesy of colonialists with the aid of Baganda collaborators.

Bobi, I love your music, but for you to seek national leadership while praising those that amputated Bunyoro, killed 3.7 million Banyoro (leaving a mere 300,000) grabbed our land, exiled our king and later caused his death, ooooh nooo, come on Bobi!!! This hurts. Let me tell you, by the time your colonialists came, Banyoro were great artisans and miners. Bunyoro had a strong social and economic fabric only compared to Greece. Ours was an empire, not even a kingdom.

For example, the word Masindi comes from the word “Masinde” or “ekisinde”, also called “ekirale” or footmarks/ trails. These were roads used by precolonial traders in ironworks, gold, ivory, salt, and skins, etc. Bunyoro had the first university in Africa called Galihuma which was in the current Mwenge, Kyenjojo district and today we are just crawling because of the resetting by the colonialists that you praise.

Bunyoro was the first in Africa to successfully operate women in labor. What are you talking about Bobi? We were pacesetters for the whole of Africa. However, by the design of colonialists, not until the discovery of oil we never were to have tarmac roads as punishment for resisting to take away our rights. Colonialists, until recently our major "funders", had indicated that the region wasn't of any economic value and would take ages to recover money sunk into such projects. It's this reason that we only peeped at tarmac roads going to Gulu or Kabarole, just passing by our boundaries.

Bobi, the colonialists' scorched-earth policy was so devastating to mankind. Besides killings, your guys introduced syphilis which killed generations. They forced us to grow TB-causing tobacco, an ailment that still affects generations. While in Hoima recently, you said Banyoro should be as Kabalega, resilient. This is to hoodwink our people. You can't praise Omukama Kabalega and those that killed him, his people and generations. I am not sure how much local history you have read, but I know you follow contemporary trends, and for that matter, compare what mayhem Bunyoro went through to what is happening in Libya today.

Will a President in Bobi readjust Bunyoro to its original map? The effects of colonialism in Bunyoro have subdued us so much that social, political and economic recovery is now utopia. And with you as President pampering colonialists, I can only see us vanish from the map completely. By the way, over 150 years later, the original Banyoro are just over 1million people. Bobi, we cannot run away from facts of history. To become a president, consider that seriously.

Kyagulanyi and other opposition politicians were in Hoima last week to canvass support for FDC’s Asinansi Nyakato who is the joint opposition candidate for the Hoima Woman Parliamentary by-election, tussling it out with NRM’s Harriet Businge Mugenyi. The by-election scheduled for September 26, came after the creation of Kikuube district being carved out of Hoima last year and the Woman MP Tophas Kaahwa switching to the new district.

The writer is Jonathan Akwetereiho Deputy Resident District Commissioner Amolatar

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