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bobi wine
Musician turned politician Bobi Wine. Courtesy photo

Ghetto Yute!! If Namboole Has Failed, Bring The Concert To Jinja Or Lwera

I can understand that you wrote this based on what you believe to be true and what your understanding of events is but just try to adjust and listen to someone who has been supporting you and attending all your shows
posted onOctober 21, 2018

By Michael Woira

I would like to take this opportunity to shed a little light on this issue of Namboole, why is it that the event is not shifting yet we have very many other towns with good stadiums that can host a number of people.

Mr. Robert Kyagulanyi in his missive states that he is disgusted, concerned and disappointed that Namboole management and police took the easy way out with no thought, no creativity, and no foresight for his Kyarenga concert which was slated to happen at Namboole.

Hon. Bobi wine, I do realize that what you wrote is your opinion, and for that I can understand that you wrote this based on what you believe to be true and what your understanding of events is but just try to adjust and listen to someone who has been supporting you and attending all your shows.

If the truth is going to be told, I will fill you in on what actually should happen that the management has refused to offer you a venue for your event. Whoever is in charge of your event is trying to prove himself by starting with a huge concert this year because it’s your first time to organize so ever since you started politicking. That aside, I am personally not against your politicking though I am indeed, because it seems you want to mix two events at ago.

Some of us have been your fans from childhood and just that you summersaulted to being a politician, we can’t change our decision, we still support you and very much need your music because some of the songs that you used to sing were very educative until you started lamenting in all your recent hits.

We do realize that the Events Grounds that you wanted (Namboole) was built for large events and we as your fans would also want to fill that stadium to capacity but there are issues that we sometimes don’t consider before we make alarms. Some years when I was still in my secondary I had to travel a very long distance to come to Kampala just to attend “The Battle of the Champions” which happened at Lugogo but in our section where the Bobi supporters were very many funny things were happening including destroying properties and tampering with several things at the venue, that’s when I knew you can’t control your supporters but instead command them towards doing the wrong and this has been also observed ever since you started your new gig at parliament.

I have read through your missive about the show but these things of simply writing such a scathing opinion when your facts and assumptions are not 100 per cent correct is bothersome. Just to make you aware, the police must have been shy or just lazy to tell you the fact but in any wise man’s rightful thinking you can easily identify that something sinister was detected and its wise for police to stop any event that can in-turn be a threat to the security of the country.

But leaving that aside, I would just want to be briefed about this issue of organizing all concerts in the city centre yet some of us who fill these concerts are people from outside the city! I have at many times observed that all big events are being organized in Kampala, what is so unique about Kampala that other newly created cities don’t have? We have beautiful towns like Arua, Jinja, Mbale and Gulu which have all it requires to host such events but as it is always said that all Ugandans think Kampala is heaven, everyone wants their event in Kampala not remembering that people from outside Kampala are the ones who fill up those concerts and many Kampalans remain in their usual bars.

Now look, here is what has mainly compelled me to write this, we want our Kyarenga concert to happen and Namboole isn’t the only venue that suits that event, we as people who support you have many other venues in our respective towns where that event can be transferred to. In Jinja where I hail from, we have Kakindu Stadium, we have Bugembe Stadium and in Iganga we have Ssaza Grounds. All these stadiums have been used ever since I started knowing about events and all events have always been successful so I don’t see reason for thinking Namboole can be the only venue for that concert.

We spend a lot looking for your events and for purposes of coming closer to the real crème de la crème supporters, just bring that concert to my home town Jinja and since we also have the new bridge this side, I am very sure everyone will run to Jinja to see you perform. As artists, I request that you should always do some balancing in the way you organize such events because when you bring it here I will be pretty sure that my area is gaining since even my people will be selling different stuff at the venue, Hotels will also be booked and a lot of business will happen. This will enable this place to get revenue and also we, your fans will be happy that our artist has performed from our land which is good.

I therefore advise my brother and artist Bobi Wine to shift the concert from Kampala to Lwera, Jinja, Iganga or Mayuge because all these places have enough space and people can still go there and attend.

The write is a patriotic Ugandan

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