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President Museveni Reveals First Lady's Positive COVID-19 Test Result

posted onDecember 28, 2023

President Yoweri Museveni has revealed that First Lady Maama Janet has tested positive for COVID-19 after experiencing symptoms following a family lunch on Christmas day.

The President initially shared that Maama Janet complained of a "sandy feeling" in her throat, prompting a rapid COVID-19 test, which returned a negative result. However, a subsequent PCR test in Mbarara confirmed her positive status for the virus.

Although President Museveni tested negative himself, he decided that Maama Janet should self-isolate at their Rwakyitura residence while he continued with his scheduled programs, excluding those involving the First Lady.

Consequently, plans for attendance at other events had to be scaled down, including visits to Kyenkwanzi and a function hosted by Hon. Kaboyo.

Additionally, the President shared that she was experiencing weakness and headaches, but assured that her condition is stable and that she is coping well with her newfound status as a "corona warrior."

This revelation comes amidst President Museveni's work commitments, including his recent meeting with General Daglo, a key figure in the Sudan Civil War, and his upcoming engagements with other dignitaries and the Kiruhuura-Kazo Dairy Farmers on January 2nd.

The news of the First Lady's COVID-19 diagnosis has garnered significant attention, prompting well-wishes for her swift recovery and raising awareness about the continued threat posed by the pandemic. It also reignites discussions about the complexities of virus transmission and the resilience of those previously infected.

The nation will undoubtedly be closely monitoring the situation and extending their support to the First Lady and President Museveni, hoping for a complete and swift recovery during this time.

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