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Desteo Bisaka blessing his congregation. Courtesy photo

Self-Proclaimed god Bisaka Loses 780 Followers after Son’s Death

posted onNovember 4, 2019

By Steven Ainganiza

At least 780 followers of Faith of Unity in Kagadi district have abandoned the cult following the death of leader Desteo Bisaka’s son.

Bisaka is the founder and head of the Faith of Unity with its headquarters in Kapyemi, Muhorro Town Council Kagadi district. The self-proclaimed god recently lost his son Biijabyonka Bisaka.

The incident surprised many of Bisaka’s followers and have since lost trust in their god. This mistrust saw the 780 followers abandon the cult on Sunday.

The group converted to the Anglican faith and was received by retired Bishop of Bunyoro Kitara Diocese Nathan Kyamanywa at Muhorro Town Church of Uganda.

The Bishop welcomed the converts and commended them for the great move. Kyamanywa warned people against believing and worshiping fellow human beings. He added that those who call themselves gods are already judged.

Bisaka’s followers said they could not imagine ‘God’ losing his son, yet they believed he had powers over death. Biijabyonka Bisaka passed on early last month.

He left behind 11 widows and 22 orphans. Followers of Bisaka expected him to resurrect his son since he has always claimed to have supernatural powers. Biijabyonka’s death and burial ceremony were kept a secret since the Kagadi based spiritualist realized that it would be a discredit if his followers and critics learned of it.

Bisaka is revered by the young and old and has over the years gained more than two million followers across the country and the number is steadily growing. The faith is said to also have followers in other countries such as Rwanda, DR Congo, and South Sudan.

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