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Some of the impounded motorcycles. courtesy photo

Several Bodabodas Impounded over Defying Presidential Directive

posted onMarch 26, 2020

Kampala Post Reporter

Police in Kampala on Wednesday arrested a pastor and 30 of his followers for reportedly defying the presidential directives against religious gatherings.

President Yoweri Museveni last Wednesday suspended religious and other social gatherings for 30 days as part of the government measures to prevent spread of the highly contagious coronavirus pandemic. Coronavirus has claimed over 20,000 lives world over since December last year.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Patrick Onyango says Pastor Rashid Mutebi of Blessed Feelings Church International located in Gobe, Kajjansi and his followers were picked on Wednesday morning after Police was notified of their illegal activities at the Church. Onyango explained that on interrogation, Pastor Mutebi claimed that the Christians came from far and he was still looking for money to transport them to their homes. The Pastor is currently detained at Kajjansi Police station, while the followers were cautioned and released.

Meanwhile several bodaboda motorcycles have been impounded in  the city after the cyclists disregarded the presidential directive banning public transport. The motorcycles in their dozens, were impounded on Thursday morning from various roads carrying passengers, contrary to Museveni's directive.

On Wednesday evening President Museveni suspended public transport means, including taxis, buses and bodaboda cyclists among others for two weeks as a measure to prevent spread of the coronavirus. The President noted that public transport was leading in the spread of coronavirus, as people share seats.

Bodaboda cyclists were only left to do deliveries.

The president issued the latest directives folloPoliwing a rise in the number of coronavirus cases to 14 on Wednesday. Director General Health Services Dr Henry Mwebesa, revealed that five more people had tested positive for the virus, adding on to the earlier confirmed nine .

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