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SFC Speaks out on Accident Involving Presidential Convoy

posted onSeptember 12, 2022

The presidential motorcade was on Monday involved in an accident where three people riding on a Bodaboda along the Northern Bypass were injured.

Maj Jimmy Omara, the SFC spokesperson said the rider of the motorcycle was avoiding a parked vehicle when he collided with one of the vehicles on the presidential convoy.

In a statement issued Monday evening Maj Omara expressed sympathy to the injured but urged motorists to always be cautious while on the road. See details in the statement below.


Earlier,  the Senior Superintendent of Police –SSP Rogers Nsereko Kawuma, the Kampala Metropolitan traffic police commander said the accident happened at around 11am at a Masanafu, which is between Busega and Namungoona.

Kawuma explained that all the passengers and the rider on the Bodaboda were evacuated to hospital but with serious injuries.

“No one died, the passengers are still alive but with serious injuries and the president wasn’t in the convoy,” Kawuma said.

Under Uganda's traffic laws, the President is guaranteed the right of way and road users are at all times advised to give way to his convoy.

However, sometimes boda boda riders and drivers tend to miscalculate the distance remaining for the convoy to pass and they end up colliding with the presidential motorcade.

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