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Bobi Wine is said to have pressured Kazibwe into rubbishing his boss Mbuga's message

SK Mbuga Sacks Kazibwe Bashir for Insisting on NUP Plans to Burn Kampala

Earlier, Mbuga had lashed out at Bobi Wine over toxic remarks in which the singer-turned politician said that what happened in Libya would happen in Uganda
posted onNovember 16, 2020

Kampala socialite SK Mbuga has sacked former NBS TV presenter Kazibwe Bashir Mbaziira after he used Mbuga’s STV to insist that Kampala will be torched if National Unity Platform Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi does not win the 2021 election.

Kazibwe in response to Mbuga’s earlier remarks said that the People of Kampala and Uganda in general should prepare for a Uganda that will go through what Libya and Iraq are going through.

The TV presenter who is eying the Kawempe South MP seat is said to have been put under pressure from the Kamwokya group to use the online TV to respond to his boss, SK Mbuga.

Earlier, Mbuga had lashed out at Bobi Wine over toxic remarks in which the singer-turned politician said that what happened in Libya would happen in Uganda.

Mbuga also said that Kyagulanyi is using money from his foreign funders to buy expensive cars and houses while he claims to be in a struggle to ‘liberate’ Uganda.

“You say you are in the struggle to rescue our nation but you are just making it a business, you earn from it because you get money from the sponsors (Americans) instead of helping the poor people you just use the money to buy expensive cars, buildings, beaches Ship and yachts,” Mbuga said.

In a video that went viral on social media last week, the tycoon also asks what Bobi Wine has done for the people he has been representing in parliament over the last five years.

“you have been in parliament for five years but what have you done for your people in your constituency yet me who is not even working for the government I have donated ambulances and built hospitals, you have failed to help people in your constituency then you are eyeing for a whole country?? you are dreaming if you think you can acquire power through protests and violence,” Mbuga notes.

He also warned the singer-turned politician about claims of turning Uganda into a Libya or Tunisia.
“We need change but we don’t want our country to be like Libya, Sudan, and Tunisia, we shall deal with you,” Mbuga said in a video posted on YouTube.

Following his nomination to run for president, Bobi Wine said ‘as it happened with Muammar Gaddafi, Sadam and other leaders that were violently removed from office, the same would happen in Uganda.

It is important to note that the countries he referred to were enjoying tremendous success during the regimes that were removed by imperialists. Today, Libya, for example, is a shadow of its former glory.

NUP Pressures Kazibwe

According to sources, the NUP leadership forced Kazibwe to respond to Mbuga by defending Bobi Wine’s stance about torching Kampala and turning Uganda into another Libya.

Torn between loyalty to the NUP leadership and his employer, Kazibwe decided to use his Facebook page in the wee hours of the night to respond to Mbuga in which he said that indeed, “should Bobi Wine not win the 2021 election, there will be chaos in the country.”

Although Mbuga had decided to terminate Kazibwe, the Tv presenter begged for mercy, saying he would instead resign.

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