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Heathens struggled against Pirates. Courtesy Photo.

Rugby Premiership: Resilient Pirates Beat Heathens to Increase Title Credentials

By break time, Pirates were leading the game by 13-03 and that is how the score read even at the sound of the full time whistle.
posted onFebruary 11, 2018

By Thomas Odongo

With Pirates seeming to have already dominated the season after winning all their first round games but a clumsy walkover against Warriors, the Pirates-Heathens clash on Saturday at Kyadondo Rugby Club was bound to be no ordinary fixture.

However, despite the fans anticipating many players to cross the white wash, the game appeared to be short of that.

The two sides kicked off proceedings on a low key with the duo tying up 3-3 through drop kicks in the early stages of the game.

By break time, Pirates were leading the game by 13-03 and that is how the score read even at the sound of the full time whistle.

Prior to the game, Heathens bragged of a high power boost in Allan Otim and Michael Wokorach but the duo lost their feet in most parts of the game.

Desire Luweza who was named man of the match ran the show for the 'Sea Robbers' who have now moved to 46 points on top of the table, just two behind Betway Kobs and Rimula Rhinos who are joint second with 44 points each.

''The score margin is not very interesting but the most important thing is we have won more over away from home,'' noted Pirate's Desire Luweza.

''We were very prepared for this match and the result is a true reflection of hard work,'' he added.

Forget the Heathens-Pirates verbal artillery, the result of the day came from a match between Rhinos and Impis with the latter winning the game by 81-08 at Legends Rugby Grounds.

Byron Oketayot, David Otwi, Humphrey Orach, Eric Mula, James Okello, Mathias Ochwo, Jasper Onen, Hillary Ategeka all crossed the try line with Kevin Makmot utilising most of the extras.

Earlier on at Legends, Hippos snubbed their match against Kobs after they failed to show up for the game hence a walkover for the Betway Uganda sponsored side.

Nile Special Rugby Premiership

Saturday 10th, February Results

Heathens 03-13 Pirates

Kobs 28-00 Hippos (walkover)

Buffaloes 24-10 Rams

Mongers 13-12 Warriors

Rhinos 81-08 Impis

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