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USF President Donald Rukare. Courtesy Photo
USF President Donald Rukare. Courtesy Photo

Uganda Swimming Federation: Four Swimming Clubs Get Full Membership

The four swim clubs are: Blue Marines, Stingrays, Vine Grace and Whales.
posted onMarch 18, 2019

By Thomas Odongo

The Uganda Swimming Federation (USF) has confirmed that four swim clubs have gotten full membership to the federation. This was affirmed during the USF AGM held on Saturday at the Uganda Olympic Committee (UOC) secretariat in Lugogo.

The four swim clubs are: Blue Marines, Stingrays, Vine Grace and Whales.

‘We are keen on expanding our base hence new members are always vital in the development of the sport. We are glad that we have gotten new members,’ USF President Dr. Donald Rukare noted at the AGM.

Blue Marines train at Kaazi Swimming Pool and have forty athletes while Stingrays train at Olympia Hostel, Kikoni Makerere and have 20 athletes. Vine Grace has 15 athletes and train at Kiwatule Recreation Centre while Whales train at Imperial Botanical Beach Hotel, Entebbe and posses 20 athletes.

To achieve such a berth, clubs have to fulfill procedures of affiliation and membership to the USF. This includes submitting an application, drafting a club’s constitution that highlights compliance to USF, composition and full address of club’s EXCOM, list and addresses of members, applicant’s contacts, lists and contacts of athletes, calendar of events, policies and applicable manuals and non-refundable fee of 150,000 Shillings.

The four clubs had fulfilled all the above requirements and the AGM had no excuses but to approve their requests.

During last year’s USF AGM, four swim clubs were again inducted into the USF family hence the base of the sport is undoubtedly widening, something USF president has always been yarning for.

At this year’s AGM, USF’S Donald Rukare also CANA Vice President and FINA Bureau Member said that 2018 was a fruitful year for swimming after athletes thrilling at domestic, regional, continental and other engagements. He also tipped the sport to thrive in 2019.

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