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UIA Rolls out Web-based Investment Monitoring and Evaluation System

posted onSeptember 11, 2023

The Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) is launching a web-based investment monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system dubbed – to enhance investment project implementation and performance. The system aims to provide accurate, evidence-based tracking of investment projects, improve investment reporting, promote organizational learning and knowledge sharing, ensure accountability and compliance, and facilitate investor and other stakeholder feedback.

The tracker responds to the growing demand for timely information from stakeholders and development partners, playing a vital role in UIA’s strategic plan implementation. Its development was due to the manual system’s limitations that make tracking and managing performance-related information from various investment projects and programs relatively harder.

During an engagement meeting on the system with investors in Namanve Industrial Park, Peter Muramira, UIA’s Deputy Director of Business Development, emphasized the importance of a robust web-based M&E system aligned with UIA’s strategic objectives for effective program management and accountability.

Muramira highlighted the system’s role in transparent reporting, compliance, and the delivery of impactful interventions. He said: “Monitoring and evaluation is crucial for assessing whether UIA’s projects achieve their intended outcomes and whether they effectively address the target group’s needs.

“Monitoring tracks intervention progress over time, while evaluation examines the project’s implementation effectiveness and outcome achievement”.

Muramira said in order for the tracker to align with UIA’s strategic objectives, data generated at various implementation levels must be tracked, captured, and analyzed to ensure information accuracy, relevance, security, efficiency, management, and transparency in order to ensure informed decision-making and feedback.

The primary of the investment tracker are:

  • Intuitive, drag-and-drop form design; offline data entry; real-time validation, and advanced inputs; and these can also be via mobile app.
  • Offline search, retrieval, and updating of records; automated, secure data synchronization.
  • Full data edit and audit history; fieldworker management and performance reporting.
  • Standards-based data exchange protocols and flexible APIs.
  • Embed algorithms and decision-support tools to guide frontline workers.
  • Push notification and SMS support for alerts and notifications.
  • Capture of chart, map, and data export data; leverage of powerful filters to create and share insights.
  • World-class infrastructure and industry best practices to protect data.
  • This module allows the Investor to have an account on the ‘UIA My Investor’ to be able to perform tasks like filling out the monitoring form (for existing investors), filling a registration form (for new investors), and ability to request for incentives, send feedback, send inquiries, submit survey forms, etc.
  • This captures modules that involve data capturing, tracking, approvals, and reporting – Business Development, Domestic Investment, Lands/Industrial Parks, Investment Promotion, Research, One-Stop-Centre, and Director General’s dashboard.

Feedback from Investors

1. Alex Sun from Modern Agro Investments Limited suggests simplifying the language for better investor understanding.

2. Bua Godson from Bella Wine calls for increased system awareness and education.

3. Joseph Okot from Victoria Seeds Uganda Limited recommends data integration for easier access to information.

4. Joseph Yiga from Steel and Tube Industries Limited praises the system’s user-friendliness.

5. Biju Thomas from Thomas and Co. Limited suggests providing pop-up guidance for each window to clarify information requirements.


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