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UPDF Soldiers Celebrate Gen Kainerugaba's Appointment as CDF

posted onMarch 22, 2024

Soldiers from the Uganda People's Defense Forces (UPDF) across the nation are celebrating the appointment of Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba as the Chief of Defence Forces (CDF).

Our reporters visited numerous UPDF barracks and spoke with both senior and junior officers, who shared their optimism that Gen Kainerugaba's new role would lead to improvements in their welfare.

A senior officer based at the Land Forces Headquarters in Bombo, who preferred to remain anonymous due to restrictions on speaking with the media, highlighted Gen Kainerugaba's track record as Commander Land Forces (CLF) in Bombo.

“He was here as CLF and we all saw the great things he did. We missed him when he left but we are happy that he is back. I am confident that the UPDF as a whole will benefit from the General's strong stance against corruption and mismanagement of resources,” the senior officer at the rank of Colonel noted, citing the new CDF's dedication to enhancing the well-being and rights of soldiers.

Sources at various barracks nationwide informed us that soldiers are enthusiastic about Gen Kainerugaba's commitment to their welfare.

Another UPDF officer based in Makenke Barracks in western Uganda told this website that Gen Kainerugaba’s appointment as CDF is good news for the UPDF and the country at large.


“I cannot say much but we are very happy and the mood here speaks volumes about the optimism among the soldiers,” he said before adding: “Wherever afande (Gen Kainerugaba) has been as commander, soldiers have been happy because he treats his soldiers like his children and this motivates us to do our work better. We are grateful to the Commander in Chief for this appointment,” he said. 

It should be noted that during his time as Commander Land Forces, Gen Kainerugaba spearheaded numerous projects focused on enhancing soldier welfare and professionalism through training programs.

Despite his brief tenure as Commander Land Forces, Gen Kainerugaba implemented significant upgrades at the Bombo barracks, including state-of-the-art apartments (see picture above) for senior officers and renovated residences for leaders. Additionally, a perimeter fence was erected to enhance security measures among other developments. 

During his tenure as Commander SFC, Gen Kainerugaba oversaw the construction of housing projects and prioritized soldier training, further solidifying his reputation as a leader dedicated to the betterment of the UPDF.

These initiatives among others have generated excitement and optimism among UPDF soldiers nationwide following Gen Kainerugaba's appointment as CDF.

Relatedly, several Ugandans have welcomed Gen Kainerugaba’s appointment, highlighting his credentials to deal with corruption, enhance the welfare and effectiveness of the UPDF.

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