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UPDF’s Titus Tugume Set for Fight With American Opponent

posted onDecember 14, 2023

Ugandan MMA fighter Titus Tugume is all set for an intense battle against American opponent Louis Catoe at Freedom City in an upcoming International World Title MMA Championship fight. The highly anticipated showdown is scheduled for Friday, December 15, and is expected to draw in a crowd of enthusiastic fans and supporters.

In a recent press conference, Tugume expressed his determination to bring victory back home for Uganda. "I am the best in Uganda and I am ready to fly our flag higher, and with local support, I promise not to disappoint you," Tugume emphasized, exuding confidence in his abilities ahead of the fight.

Tugume also underscored the importance of promoting MMA in the country, urging more Ugandans to take up the sport and highlighting its global appeal. "We want many other Ugandans to take up this sport and benefit from it because it is the best selling sport in the world," he encouraged.

The skilled fighter, boasting previous victories in various combat sports, sees MMA as the ultimate challenge and opportunity. While acknowledging the strength of his opponent, Tugume believes that his thorough preparations will give him the edge to emerge victorious in the ring.

The upcoming match will mark Tugume's seventh MMA fight, adding to his impressive track record. With three wins, two losses, and one draw in his MMA career, Tugume remains focused on showcasing his prowess and making his mark in the burgeoning MMA scene.

The anticipated battle between Tugume and Catoe has generated significant excitement within the MMA community, reaffirming Tugume's status as a formidable contender and an ambassador for Ugandan sports. As the fight approaches, expectations are high and supporters are eager to witness Tugume's display of skill and determination in the ring.

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