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Bobi Wine’s Silence on The Anti-Homosexual Debate Exposes Hypocrisy

posted onJune 1, 2023

By Yvonne Watera

What kind of leader is Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu aka 'Bobi Wine'? His attitude on homosexuality in Uganda is ambiguous, as he has not said whether he supports or opposes the deviant.

At a time when temperatures are high and all eyes are on Uganda over the recently enacted homosexuality bill that will protect the sanctity of the family as well as the people's culture and aspirations as per the constitution of Uganda, one 'Bobi Wine' acting disconnected from whatever is going on breaks silence but with an audio speech on twitter questioning the need and reach of patriotism supposed to be shown by men in uniform. 

In his speech, Bobi Wine comes out like a “defender” of all men and women in uniform when in reality he is choosing to use diversionary means to get people's attention away from the discussion of homosexuality. 

During the previous elections, Bobi Wine's fans were seen on tape hammering a police officer on the street, and not once did he step out and order them to cease their acts of violence, which included vandalism.

Also, in his speech, Bobi Wine is heard criticizing public figures for sabotaging Uganda's education system by sending their children abroad for studies, claims he cannot prove forgetting that while he was sending youths to the streets in the name of a revolution, his children were being sneaked out of the country as he urged them to go ahead and give their lives for a "greater course."  

During Bobi Wine's stint as MP, he claimed that he had done nothing for the people of his constituency, Kyadondo East, citing a lack of money, but now he claims that the government has ample resources. 

Bobi Wine has come out seemingly politicizing the term Patriotism which again brings out the issue of the welfare of forces. Patriotism means sacrificing yourself for your country either for no or low pay. It's illogical for Bobi to discard patriotism yet he is one of the people that have amassed wealth due to the peaceful conducive environment that was created by President Museveni and the patriotic UPDF. 

‘Bobi Wine’ equally spits on the face of Africans when he throws shade on the fact that Uganda chose to stand with fellow African state, Congo, to fight rebels who terrorized the masses and ignored the fact that it was a just cause yet the Western world depicted Uganda should pay reparations for war damages.

Bobi should be reminded that UPDF was legally invited by President Laurent Kabila to fight the rebels in Eastern DRC. The question I pose to Mr Wine is; why is he quick to criticize UPDF for the DRC saga but he is silent on the war crimes of his masters - the USA?  The USA has carpeted bombed sovereign nations Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan etc. Has the USA paid war reparations to those countries? 

Bobi's hypocrisy is manifested in his unpatriotic actions and statements he issues on a daily basis. Bobi is playing his political gimmicks by diverting the patriotic Ugandans from the anti-homosexuality law that is supported by the majority. 

Ugandans are eagerly waiting for Bobi Wine's position and comment(s) on the anti-homosexuality law. 

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