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Capt Mukula

Capt Mukula Lashes at FDC Amuriat's Presidential Bid

posted onNovember 13, 2020

Capt Mike Mukula, the NRM Vice chairperson for Eastern region has described the opposition Forum for Demcractic Change (FDC) as a party for "democratic confusion." 

Mukula was speaking in Katakwi District headquarters where he was handing over 659 "Yellow" bicycles to all NRM LCI, II chairpersons to ease mobilization for the presidential flag bearer, Yoweri Museveni. 

The former minister said that the people of Katakwi and Teso in general should not be hoodwinked by the FDC presidential flag bearer Patrick Amuriat, but rather vote President Museveni who rescued them from the jaws of LRA's Joseph Kony. 

"People of Katakwi and Teso, don't be emotional but rather rational. Teso is now peaceful and Uganda is now exporting peace under our second value in Somalia and South Sudan. FDC is forum for democratic confusion," Mukula said.

He added, "In 2006, FDC had 16 MPs. By 2011, they lost 10 MPs and remained with Amuriat, Alaso, Okupa, Omolo, Ochola and Osegge. By 2016, they lost 3 including Amuriat who was defeated by Ismael Orot in Kanyum. FDC remained with only Okupa, Ariko and Osegge. However, as I speak today, all the 3 have stood as Independent and quit FDC. FDC has no single MP in the whole of Teso then you say you can to support Amuriat? Why did Alaso, Okupa, Osegge, Ochola, Anita Among, leave him(Amuriat)? That is why I call FDC a party for democratic confusion."

Mukula rides a Yellow bicycle during the distribution exercise in Katakwi
Mukula rides a Yellow bicycle 

In the Eastern region, it is only Nandala Mafabi who is still in the FDC party. Others who quit include; Abdu Katuntu, Paul Mwiru, Wamai Wamanga etc. 

At the national level, the opposition party also saw several of their members quit including; former LoP Winifred Kiiza, Ogenga Latigo, Odonga Otto, Kassiano Wadri, etc. 
"FDC is now becoming like a small NGO. Their house is on fire and you still want to go there? There is nothing Amuriat can bring to the people of Teso. He could not even support us to fight LRA or even disarm Karamojongs," Mukula said adding that God has given Uganda a leader in Gen Museveni. 

Mukula chats with Minister Peter Ogwang (L)
Mukula chats with Minister Peter Ogwang (L) 

Mukula said that in the new NRM manifeso for Teso, the NRM government will strive to protect people's land, desilt more dams and alleviate people from poverty through commercial agriculture. 

State Minister for ICT Peter Ogwang who is also Ngariam County NRM flag bearer urged the people of Katakwi and Teso to support President Museveni citing several achievements including the newly completed Soroti-Katakwi-Moroto road, completion of Soroti fruit factory etc. 

"The notion that we Iteso should vote Amuriat is misconceived. When Iteso were suffering in the hands of LRA and Karamojongs, it is the likes of Mukula and Ecweru who stood with us and Amuriat was no where. He has no moral authority to ask us to vote since simply because he hails from the region. We are not looking for Emorimor (cultural leader) that we should vote Amuriat. We are looking for a national leader and President Museveni is still strong for that position," Ogwang said. 

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