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Judith Nabakooba

COVID-19: New Lockdown Looms as Rise in Community Cases Worries Government

posted onJune 15, 2020

Government has noted with concern the extremely dangerous signs of complacency and indiscipline that have started to emerge with regard to the existing guidelines on COVID-19.

According to Minister of ICT and National Guidance, Judith Nabakooba, the increasing levels of complacency among the public could force government to issue new stringent measures that may include announcing a new lockdown.

“When the country first went into lockdown on March 18, the country did so well and managed to put in place measures that prevented a major outbreak of COVID-19. It was on the basis of this good performance from everyone and the general public that the country started to open up. Moderate public and private transport was reintroduced, general merchandise shops and malls were also allowed to reopen. However, just after opening, the country has started to record an increase in community infections. The Ministry of Health tells us that clusters of community infections have started to emerge and these are now a bigger threat than even the truckers,” Nabakooba said in statement.

According to the Ministry of Health, Uganda is experiencing a steady rise in the number of locally transmitted cases in now 33 districts with Amuru and Kyotera districts are reporting the highest number of local transmission cases in comparison to other districts.

“The biggest concern for government at the moment is that community infections have started to rise and yet majority of the people no longer want to put into practice the existing guidelines on prevention of COVID-19,” she said.

“These and more forms of dangerous practices are putting the country at a serious risk of more infections. The Ministry of Health is also telling us that unless something is done quickly, the country is soon moving to the final and most dangerous stage of widespread community transmission.”

Nabakooba added that despite the levels of complacency, Government is going to continue doing its part in ensuring that that lives are saved from this pandemic.

“I want to warn members of the public that unless we change and fully adopt the existing guidance on prevention of COVID-19, government may consider re imposing strict lock down measures in order to prevent the country from slipping into a bigger outbreak,” she said.

Last week, the Minister of Health, Jane Ruth Aceng has warned that the country might have to go back into a total lockdown in order to avoid an unprecedented spread of the deadly Coronavirus.

The minister noted that the government may have no option but to enforce another lockdown if Ugandans fail to adhere to health guidelines aimed at curtailing the spread of Covid-19.

"People are no longer following the preventive measures and this is evident by what is happening in the markets, taxi, and bus parks. That means the entire country may get cases and we may move to stage 4 which is not desirable," Aceng said. 

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